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Was read to me 10th December '18

The Christmasaurus
Author: Tom Fletcher
What a FUN tastic Christmas Tale!! William Trundle is a lonely boy who longs for a friend that understands him, and his Christmas Mad Father. When A happy accident means that a Dinosaur from the North Pole ends up at his house on Christmas Eve, it changes everything for him. We loved the funny elves and their rhyming songs, and the story of how a prehistoric dinosaur ended up in the North Pole! a 5 Star book, easy reading, and fun for all! 

I read this book 25th November '18

The Deep 1: Dragon Rider
Author: Finn Black
Li is a HUGE fan of the CBBC series "The Deep" so was really excited to read the accompanying book - it didnt disappoint! full of well known characters and twists and turns this kept his attention throughout! thoroughly recommend to any fans of the Tv series! 

I read this book 11th October '18

First Prize for the Worst Witch
Author: Jill Murphy
we Love the mischief and mayhem caused by Mildred Hubble at Miss Cackles Academy! I remember reading these books as a child - and now my children are enjoying them too - they liked the illustrations in the book and enjoyed the competition between Mildred and Ethel for Head Girl! we are looking forward to the next book in the series - definately a great read for all ages! 

Was read to me 23rd September '18

Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo
Author: Alice Hemming
This is an absolutely hilarious book!! from the characters Daisy-may, Mitchell and Arlo, to Mrs Ogg, this book had my boys in stitches! they loved the bits of mischief the children got up to (chocolate milk in the hair, using poo to paint pictures)! this book really appealed to them and the illustrations really fit the story. We all thoroughly enjoyed this book - a must have for the book shelf! 

I read this book 13th September '18

Anty Hero
Author: Barry Hutchison Illustrator: Tom Percival
Li really took to this book - Ant is a a fly/insect boy trying to hide his real identity from Normal people and his normal friends - who have already realised he is far from it! Ant is a bit of a social outcast, and struggles to fit in.  this book is fun with a good story and a good moral - that you dont have to fit in to be accepted -just be yourself. Li found this reasonably easy to read at age 7 - struggled with a few of the bigger words but overall it was good. a fun book to read.