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Was read to me 22nd March '19

Start Reading: The Poor Pirates: Pirate Underpants!
Author: Tom Easton Illustrator: Matt Buckingham
If your child is on the Gold 'Oxford Reading Level', then this is a good book for them to read. The story is about the Poor Pirates who just can't capture any ships. The text is written in such a way to encourage independent reading. The illustrations are good too. My son read this as part of his reading homework from school and really enjoyed it. 

Was read to me 20th March '19

Polly and the Pirates
Author: Tony Bradman
My son read this book as part of his reading homework. He is on the gold reading level - so can read independently and is just getting used to chapter books. 
One the plus side, the illustrations and storyline are good. It is about a pirate's daughter trying to fit in on life on land and going to school. 
However, there was a LOT of pirate talk in the book - which makes the book a bit more complicated for a child to read. So if your child has just reached Gold level, maybe this book is one to avoid as it can be a bit off putting. Perhaps, it is worth reading this book, once your child has become a more confident reader on the Gold level. 

Was read to me 20th March '19

We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
This is a classic book, so we are overjoyed to have won this on Toppsta. Can't wait to see what the anniversary edition includes, but I am sure it will be great. My boys are a huge fans of the cartoon, that was made a few years back and already know the words by heart - so we can't wait to get this book home and read it together. 

Was read to me 15th March '19

Spooky Soccer
Authors: Malachy Doyle , Garry Parsons Illustrator: Garry Parsons
If your child is a good reader and loves football then this is the perfect book to read. 
My son is on the gold reading level at school - and this book was good for him as he is a fluent reader,  who can read more challenging stories independently. It is a long book and takes about a week to complete - bit by bit. 

Was read to me 15th March '19

The Wrong Kind of Bark
Authors: Garry Parsons , Julia Donaldson
This is a really funny chapter book - perfect for children who are on the gold reading level. My son got this book as part of his reading homework - and it is aimed at fluent readers who are beginning to read more challenging stories like my son.
The book follows the tale of Finlay, who is always getting things wrong. He brings in flour when his class is asked to bring in flowers to school, and then brings in his dog to school, when students are told to bring in a tree bark to school. However, all is not lost as his  puppy actually helps to save the day. 
It is a long book, so it took a week to complete - but well worth it as it was funny and engaging.