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I read this book 28th August '18

Spangles McNasty and the Diamond Skull
Author: Steve Webb Illustrator: Chris Mould
My daughter loved this book great story and amazing illustrations we will definitely be looking out for more in the series

Was read to me 21st May '18

Gangsta Granny
Author: David Walliams
My daughter loves all the David waillaims books but this is her favourite.its such an amazing story that you just want to keep reading,as always it’s got a nice ending.100% worth reading 

Was read to me 1st April '18

Middle School: Escape to Australia: (Middle School 9)
Author: James Patterson
My daughter loves the middle school books and she loves this one,it’s full of silly stuff Rafe and his family get up to. A very laugh out loud book 

I read this book 6th February '18

The Day That Aliens (Nearly) Ate Our Brains
Author: Tom McLaughlin
Brilliant funny story that my daughter loved reading,she says she can’t wait for another one.

Was read to me 9th January '18

Real-Life Mysteries: Can You Explain the Unexplained?
Author: Susan Martineau
A really good fact book my daughter has used this for her homework a few times full of interesting facts. Definitely worth a read