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Was read to me 13th November '18

The Girl with the Lost Smile
Author: Miranda Hart Illustrator: Kate Hindley
This book tells the story of Chloe who's a happy child but suddenly loses her smile and cant do anything to find it. She has some magical friends who take her on an amazing adventure to help find her smile. but is it too late?
The adventure part of the story is fantastical and amazing but some parts of the story were a little bit annoying- some of the words are written in a 'cute' font, which annoyed me! - but my daughter didnt mind it

I read this book 9th November '18

Witch Girl
Author: Jan Eldredge
This book is about a girl called Evangeline, who has a witch for a grandmother. They have to solve a spooky mystery and have lots of scary adventures while they are doing it. I mostly enjoyed it but was bit scared by some of the story, I would prefer to read it with a grown up. It wasnt what I was expecting from the cover 

Was read to me 11th October '18

Lift the Flap Engineering
Authors: Rose Hall , Alex Frith Illustrator: Lee Cosgrove
This book was a revelation to me as well as the girls, we all found out so much about engineering all around us and how we have managed to solve some hugely complicated problems like making buildings earthquake proof. Its done in an informative and entertaining way with plenty of flaps to lift, and information to find out.
 I hope this will help build an interest in STEM for the girls, and would recommend it for anyone looking to build their children's knowledge.

Was read to me 10th September '18

Awful Auntie
Author: David Walliams
this has been our go-to book at bedtime for the last few weeks, there's a lot to read through! Stella Saxby is orphaned in a tragic accident, and is left in the care of Aunt Alberta, the awful aunty. The book is about Alberta's attempts to get Stella to sign over the deeds of Saxby hall, and the dastardly steps she'll take to get her way. Its good fun, a good introduction to thriller type books!

I read this book 10th September '18

Baker Street Academy: Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Curse
Author: Sam Hearn
This is the second book in the new Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Academy series by Sam Hearn and continues to test the skills of junior sleuths. The story kept us entertained, and packed with doodles, jokes and detective notes, this book will appeal to even the most reluctant of readers.