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Packed with humour, which will amuse adults and children alike, this read-aloud picture book captures the imagination of a whimsical little boy who describes some of his very human characteristics as if he were a dinosaur. He refers to himself as a Fastosaurus Rex, Whyceratops, Readabookadocus, Tellafibasaurus, Muddyraptor, and many others. He explains why he can be all these different dinosaurs, and that if dinosaurs were still around, they would understand him quite well! A comic tale for dinosaur lovers everywhere!As seen on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories!

Oddsockosaurus Reviews | Toppsta


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9th June '16
I read it to Willow Class aged Under 1 to 4
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
This is a very funny book and the children in my class loved it! Like the little boy in the book they also enjoyed making up their own silly dinosaur names, my favourite was Tidyuposaurus!! 
27th June '17
I read it to Foofie12 aged 5 aged 5
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
Really like this book - a funny, well-illustrated tale that gently introduces the concept to children that we can be and feel many different things at different times.

One day, for example, we may be a 'Whyceratops', with a head bursting with questions. On occasion, we may be a 'Hungryophus', desperate to fill a grumbling tummy after school or playing sports.

This book really struck a cord with our 5 year old, who commented that he was 'like this' and 'like that', encouraging a short discussion about how we can feel different ways at different times.

A lovely book with enough humour to capture growing imaginations, while helping to build emotional resilience and an understanding of feelings, moods and emotions from a young age.

And of course, if you have any dinosaur fans in the house, they'll simply love this! 
4th June '16
I read it to Finners aged 6 aged 6
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
Such a fun book and pictures are great. My son loves it
7th July '16
I read it to Jazzyj aged 5 aged 5
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
This book was super fun to read. The pictures are funny.
Those are the words of jasper (5)
I read this book with my son and loved the different dinosaur names. My son thought it was hilarious when I compared him to some of them. It's a very catching read for any child of any age... (Or adult)
9th May '17
I read it to Malakhi aged 4 aged 4 & to Jakobi aged 4 aged 4
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
this is such a fabulous book, the little boy in the story describes his personalities as dinosaurs, my boys thought the fartosaurus rex was extremely funny
4th September '16
oliver10 read it themselves aged 5 aged 5
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
This is now one of our favourite books 
21st June '16
I read it to AnnaC aged 6 aged 6 & to IslaC aged 4 aged 4
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
5 stars
We loved this book from the minute we first read it, a lovely way to describe all the different sides of your child's personality and  different activities that you do throughout the day, but pretending you're different types of dinosaur, like the Whyceratops or Readabookadocus (two of our favourites!)
31st May '16
I read it to Ciera aged 6 aged 6 & to Bentley aged 4 aged 4
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
4 stars
Bentley absolutely loved this book, and loved how accurate in children's behaviour it was. The pictures fab and the books very bright. He wanted me to read it again and again. Some of the dinosaur names were difficult for me to say but this added to the humour for Bentley. We had fun after making our own dinosaurs to fit Bentley's persoanlity. Would really recommend this book to dinosaur loving children even Ciera my 6 year old loved it too
3rd June '16
I read it to Erin aged 5 aged 5
Oddsockosaurus 9780956419675
4 stars
My 5 year old tried to read this by herself but struggled with the names of the made up dinosaurs, she asked me to read it through and found it totally amusing. 
It's about s little boy who depending on how he's feeling compares himself to a dinosaur whether  it be cheeky, loud, tidy or lovable. With a funny little narrative there was always a dinosaur to dress up as, and my little girl had her favourite.
A very colourful book and a good read for any child with a love of dinosaurs. 
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