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I read this book 13th November '18

Mozart Question
Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Michael Foreman
 the Mozart question is a amazing story about music,secrets and family
I recommend this book if you need a fun entertaining book full of secrets
I recommend it 8-9

I read this book 13th November '18

The Kites Are Flying!
Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Laura Carlin
The kites are flying is a great book about family,kites and losses
it's great if you want a fun book to read
I would recommend it to ages 8-9

I read this book 6th November '18

The Snowman: Inspired by the original story by Raymond Briggs
Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Robin Shaw
I really enjoyed reading this book and could not put it down. I wish I had read it nearer to Christmas as it made me feel really ready for Christmas and its ages away. I liked that it had the original illustrations in from the snowman book and film I have read and watched so many times 

I read this book 17th October '18

The Unicorn Quest
Author: Kamilla Benko
I really enjoyed this book it was filled with magic and adventure.
I picked this book because I really like unicorns and I was not disappointed, I did not want to put the book down it was really good.
I would recommend it to girl aged 9 plus 

I read this book 18th September '18

The Bolds on Holiday
Author: Julian Clary Illustrator: David Roberts
this is the first bolds book I have read and I really enjoyed it, I want to get some more in this series as it was very funny