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I read this book 7th December '18

Stay Strong! Mindful Kids: An Activity Book for Young People Who Are Experiencing Bullying
Author: Dr. Sharie Coombes Illustrator: Katie Abey
I like this book, I like that you can pick bits to do when you want in any order, it's great for when you want to spend some quiet time and think about things

Was read to me 31st October '18

The Little Inventors Handbook: A Guide to Becoming an Ingenious Inventor
Author: Dominic Wilcox
A lovely little book for little Inventors with space to draw their creations and tips and encouragement along the way to keep them inspired.

I read this book 15th September '18

The 104-Storey Treehouse
Author: Andy Griffiths Illustrator: Terry Denton
I love these books, they are so funny, you want to keep reading till the very end and then you can't wait for the next one.

I read this book 21st August '18

Baker Street Academy: Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Curse
Author: Sam Hearn
This is the second Baker Street Academy book and it's as good as the first, the story is quite fast paced and fun to read, the text is nice and bold which I really like. It's full of mystery and crime solving just as you would expect from Sherlock Holmes. The characters are great and make want to read this book.

I read this book 6th August '18

Star Wars Maker Lab: 20 Galactic Science Projects
Authors: Liz Lee Heinecke , Cole Horton
I really like this book, it has lots of science based art activities and experiments, they use things you might have around the house, some are easy and some are a bit harder but all look great and it's Star Wars which is awesome