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Was read to me 6th March '19

The Dinosaur Department Store
Authors: Richard Merritt , Lily Murray
We loved lily Murray hot dog book and huge fans of Richard Merritt.

Wow this book is fun.
Fantastic bright illustrations with lots to point out, for my daughter to look for and to amuse the whole family.
Eliza Jane really wants a dinosaur a real one.
Fun laugh out rhythming story which at points the words do take some working out for us parents. 
A great book we couldn’t wait to own. 
A cover that shouts bright, engaging fun

Was read to me 29th January '19

Ouch! I Need a Plaster!
Author: Nick Sharratt Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
A great rhyming story she loved. She picked the book as she liked the bright colours and illustrations. A fun book with counting and lots to look at.
Perfect size for her to turn the pages herself so she can also enjoy the book on her own too. 

Was read to me 14th January '19

That's Not My Princess
Authors: Fiona Watt , Rachel Wells
She wasn’t as attractive to this book as other that’s not my.
She wasn’t over keen on the dress is too thick but loved the fan is too fluffy.
Perfect for her hands to enjoy by herself she likes turning the pages.

Was read to me 14th January '19

That's Not My Fairy
Authors: Fiona Watt , Rachel Wells
She loves the that’s not my series but especially this one as very sparkly and constantly go back to the first page and rubs her face with the fluffy wings.

Was read to me 18th December '18

Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
Hard back shiny book was a hit straight away. Fantastic illustrations and a lovely story about a adventure where having no one to play with finishes with new friends. 
Really like the style of the book and the way it was set out. Lots to see and enjoy.