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I read this book 18th March '18

Flying Fergus 8: Trouble on the Track
Author: Chris Hoy Illustrator: Clare Elsom
I really like this book, all the flying Fergus books are fun to read and this one was great, I like that they are not too long and you don't get bored reading it, they are funny and enjoyable to read even if you didn't like cycling, but I do so that is even better, can't wait to read the next one

I read this book 18th March '18

Jake Atlas and the Hunt for the Feathered God
Author: Rob Lloyd Jones
I really enjoyed this book, it follows on from the first book which I also enjoyed, it's full of adventure and has cool gadgets and lots of fun to read

I read this book 26th February '18

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet!
Authors: Tom Fletcher , Dougie Poynter Illustrator: Garry Parsons
I love this book, Tom Fletcher is a great author and his books are funny and great to read.

I read this book 4th January '18

The Big Earth Book
Authors: Lonely Planet Kids , Mark Brake Illustrator: Brendan Kearney
This is a brilliant book, lots to read, great pictures, loads to learn

Was read to me 19th November '17

Flying Fergus 7: The Wreck-It Race: by Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy, written with award-winning author Joanna Nadin
Author: Chris Hoy Illustrator: Clare Elsom
We really enjoyed reading this book, Fergus loves his cycling and with the next big race looming finds he needs to think out of the box to improve his race times, this story sends kids a good message about trying new things and working as a team, as well as being a fun story to read