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Was read to me 11th January '19

Fancy Dress Farmyard
Author: Nick Sharratt Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
Got this for my daughter as she has lots of Nick Sharratt books, which she loves. I read it to my 2 youngest. My 6month old liked the bright colours, and kept trying to grab the flaps, so once he's a bit older I know he will enjoy lifting the flaps as much as his big sister does. This book is farm animals, in fancy dress, and you can guess which animal is behind the flap. Its  really fun rhyming book, can also use it to teach younger ones animals.

Was read to me 11th January '19

Fancy Dress Jungle
Author: Nick Sharratt Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
Love Nick Sharratt books, so was looking forward to reading this. My daughter loves lifting the flaps. Jungle animals are dressed up as things like cow girls,pop stars etc, and you get to guess which animal it is. My daughter enjoyed saying which animal is dressed up. A fun rhyming book, fun to read as well. Love the colourful pages

Was read to me 11th January '19

Fancy Dress Christmas
Author: Nick Sharratt
Love this christmas book, and love Nick Sharratt. The animals are in fancy dress, and you have to guess which animal is behind. My daughter loves guessing and lifting the flaps. There are bright and colourful illustrations, which are appealing to my baby son. Love the rhymes. Such a fun christmas book

Was read to me 10th January '19

That's Not My Tractor
Authors: Fiona Watt , Rachel Wells
Love this series of books, have red quite a few. I saw this at the library and hadn't read this one, so was excited to read it. My son is at the age where he takes more of an interest now, so he enjoys feeling the different textures and its the perfect size for him to hold the book himself.The bright colours appeal to him as well. Nice, short book for babies and toddlers.

Was read to me 3rd January '19

The Children Who Loved Books
Author: Peter Carnavas Illustrator: Peter Carnavas
We all love this book, as its a story about how great books are. Its such a lovely story about a family that don't have a lot, but they do have lots of books. They run out of room so they get rid of all the books, and things just aren't the same. They end up getting books from a library, and it makes things all better again. Lovely illustrations