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Was read to me 27th November '18

A Very Corgi Christmas
Author: Sam Hay Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
A very Corgi Christmas appealed to all 3 of my children, they loved the dog theme and my older two had fun spotting the London landmarks littered throughout the beautiful illustrations in the book. 
Belle the Corgi lives in Buckingham palace, she loves Christmas and goes on a trip around London. 
It’s a lovely light hearted festive story, it has plenty of pictures to discuss with younger children and has simple enough wording for emerging readers to tackle themselves. 

I read this book 2nd October '18

The Dodo Made Me Do It
Author: Jo Simmons Illustrator: Sheena Dempsey
My son found this book rib tickilingly funny, he didn’t want to put it down which is good going as he’s usually one chapter at a time kind of reader.  
He loved the storyline about Danny discovering the Dodo,
One of his favourite bits was Danny’s dreams about Fat Hammaway growing to the size of a hippo and the Dodo going on a rampage and eating chickens.
My son had already asked me to look out for more Jo Simmons books and he has his eye on “I swapped my brother on the internet”. 

Was read to me 24th August '18

100 Dogs
Author: Michael Whaite
We all loved this charming rhyming story about dogs. My boys are dog crazy at the minute and loved looking at all the colourful illustrations as I read the story to them. 
We felt it was fun and simple, perfect for snuggling up together and having a giggle.

Was read to me 6th August '18

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment
Author: James Patterson
My 8 year old read this book over a number of nights to himself. 
He said it was awesome and had lots of twists and turns. 
He said he really liked that Max liked all the same things he did Lego, inventing things and science. 
I loved the fact that the lead character was a girl who is intelligent and interested in science. 
This is a great inspirational story which I think is the beginning of a great series.

Was read to me 1st July '18

The Sand Dog
Author: Sarah Lean
We loved this book, it is written in such a beautiful and descriptive way that it conjors up pictures in your head so you do not realise there is actually no large illustrations contained Within the book.
This is an emotional and heartfelt story which makes you think about what it means to be lonely.
Ali is a young boy who misses his grandfather after waiting awhile he goes off on a journey to find his grandfather but on that adventure he finds out more about himself and discovers new relationships.