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Favourite book EVER is Written on the Body - Jeanette Winterson
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Wrote a Review 14th April '18

Book pages What Would She Do?
What Would She Do?
Berrylookalike read it aged 8
This is a brilliant book for junior/pre-teen children. With tons of information and stunning illustrations by eight illustrators, there's a lot to love here. I love how contemporary this book is, with women like Emma Watson and Malala included. What makes this book really stand out is the 'what would she do' approach. The format differs from other books celebrating the lives of influential and inspirational women in that it has a magazine style 'what would she do' question linked to each woman. For example the Harriet Tubman pages explain her work as a civil rights activist and celebrate her strength in her beliefs and her passion to promote change. Then the 'what would Harriet do?' section poses a relatable problem - someone is being bullied at school and you want to help but you're worried about becoming a target yourself. The answer puts Harriet Tubman's experiences helping people escape from slavery into this modern situation, suggesting that Harriet wasn't scared and she would want you to be brave and help the person being bullied. This format really caught my daughter's attention and gave her a different way to relate the women's strengths and passions to her own life. Inspiring stuff. The multiple choice quiz to find out which inspiring woman you are most like was a real hit too.
Highly recommended!

Wrote a Review 14th April '18

Book pages HerStory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook the World
HerStory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook the World
I read it to Berrylookalike aged 8
HerStory is an absolute must have. This book is perfect. 
Beautiful illustrations, engaging text and a wonderful selection of women to inspire children. I particularly like the layout of the book. Split into five sections - Believe and Lead, Imagine and Create, Help and Heal, Think and Solve, and Hope and Overcome - the women are grouped by category rather than by timeline. This makes the book brilliant for dipping into and makes it wonderfully easy to make comparisons and linkages between the represented women. It also encourages readers to identify their own area of passion and expertise. There is a pictorial timeline included at the end of the book to help children see how Herstory has developed through the ages. 
More than a book highlighting the achievements of women, this is a call to arms. It's a rousing celebration of the strength and passion of women and an inspirational leg-up to the girls and young women of today, encouraging them to follow their dreams and shake things up to change the world. Every school and library should have a copy. We owe it to the world. 

Wrote a Review 25th March '18

Book pages Running On Empty
Running On Empty
I read it (an adult) & to Peacehaven Little Library Middle Grade aged 9 to 12
This is a very special book. Full of heart and honesty it perfectly expresses a child's view of an unfair world. AJ's parents have learning difficulties and his grandfather, who used to keep everything going, has died, leaving it up to AJ to be responsible. He is a young carer with the weight of adult worries on his shoulders. Durrant beautifully portrays the suffocating nature of these anxieties and the way they drown out everything else.
But this is also a book filled with hope and family and friendship. It sings of the power of passion and following your dreams. It really is a very beautiful and positive thing. 
Durrant's writing reminds me of Hilary McKay's; it has that same warmth and sensitivity and that sense of being in very safe hands.

It's also wonderful to see an honest representation of working class families and of young carers so competently portrayed. No sugar coating or issue flagging here. Just a boy, doing his best and telling his story and winning our hearts in the process.

Wrote a Review 19th March '18

Book pages A Bear is a Bear
A Bear is a Bear
I read it to MunchkinMia aged 5 & to Peacehaven Little Library Early Years aged 4 to 5
This is a delightful book with a wonderful rhyming refrain that children will want to say over and over, making this one of those books that you will reach for again and again. It's a great introduction to hibernation and makes a brilliant book for Early Years - there's great potential for imaginative play here, pretending to be all the different animals whilst learning about different styles of movement. 

The illustrations are a joy - I can't resist a bear and this one is portrayed as cute and cuddly and full of character. 

A new favourite here. 

We love the Stories Aloud feature included with Nosy Crow picture books. Scan the QR code and listen to the audio reading of the book. Fab for children who are learning to read or parents who are short on time. 

Wrote a Review 19th March '18

Book pages 50 Wacky Things Humans Do: Weird & amazing facts about the human body!
50 Wacky Things Humans Do: Weird & amazing facts about the human body!
Berrylookalike read it aged 8
Ranging from why your fingers and toes wrinkle after soaking them in water to why you cant tickle yourself, this book is packed to bursting with fascinating facts and fun illustrations. Perfectly pitched for 7+ this book is a lot of fun.