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I read this book 25th February '19

Mossbelly MacFearsome and the Dwarves of Doom
Author: Alex Gardiner
This book is about a boy named Roger. He meets a grumpy dwarf named Mossbelly MacFearsome. A great action story. Its funny. a great read

I read this book 11th December '18

Dougal Daley - I'm Phenomenal
Author: Jackie Marchant Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
I have read the other books in this series. It's about a boy called Dougal and he has set up a secret website to gain money. It's interesting a good read

Was read to me 23rd November '18

Cardboard Box Creations
Authors: Lonely Planet , Laura Baker
Both of my boys liked this book. There is quite alot of things to make. Cardboard cutouts makes it easier. youngest one wants to make the Redback Spider so we are starting to collect the items to make it. I like how it incorporates the travel theme they was both asking questions. very good book. 

I read this book 6th November '18

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment
Author: James Patterson
I really like this author. His books are so funny. I liked this book. The story is about an orphan named Max. She is a genius, she builds home made inventions. This book was funny and i find it really interesting. 

I read this book 25th September '18

Ancient Wonders - Then & Now
Authors: Lonely Planet , Stuart Hill Illustrator: Lindsey Spinks
Amazing book. The illustrations are brilliant. So much information about each one. I really liked the concept with the open gatefolds and lift the flaps. The book is amazing quality. Really enjoyed reading it even my younger brother was interested.