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I read this book 29th December '18

The Boy Who Flew
Author: Fleur Hitchcock
Fab Book to read over Christmas period my 11 yr old really enjoyed it. She enjoyed how the story began and then when Mr Chen got murdered, she was wanting to follow the Mystery through with  Athan. Lots of things to keep you engaged with the book and wanting to know what happened. The ending was good but feel there could be a second book to it 

Was read to me 4th November '18

The World's Worst Children 3
Author: David Walliams
I could not believe there was a book 3 in the collection, but came as no surprise it was just as funny as the first one. You come across more characters who will have you laughing. We loved the triplets at the beginning who just had to put do each other and what happens to them in the end had us in fits of laugher. Another one is about a girl who treats her parents awfully and they end up calling super nanny who comes to save the day but it doesn’t stop there .... a must read for everyone who loves David Williams books 

I read this book 4th November '18

Secret Seven: Mystery of the Skull
Authors: Pamela Butchart , Enid Blyton Illustrator: Tony Ross
Absolutely loved this book from the beginning to the end. Secret seven was always on our book list and my daughter loves all the mystery behind it. Starting with a skull found in Peters room sets the scene for a meeting and the start of an amazing adventure. Can’t wait to find some more in the series 

Was read to me 4th November '18

Lift the Flap Engineering
Authors: Rose Hall , Alex Frith Illustrator: Lee Cosgrove
This book had my two involved from the beginning. Aged 10 & 12 yrs the found it really interesting as children here’s part of engineering they both hadn’t thought of. The flaps made it engaging all the way through. Another great book which my family enjoyed very much and have Guly recommend it 

I read this book 30th September '18

My Holiday Scrapbook
Authors: Lonely Planet , Kim Hankinson
We loved  the idea of this book so finally brought one for our summer holidays. My daughter collects bits from her holiday and usually get kepted in boxes. She enjoyed having a book to put them all in and enjoyed reading the ideas they gave u for making the pages interesting and unique. 
Great book for making memories that will last for ever.