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I read this book 14th March '19

Mossbelly MacFearsome and the Dwarves of Doom
Author: Alex Gardiner
This book was good because it was funny, action packed and cool.  My favourite character is Roger because he got picked to go on a quest and he didn't give up.

I read this book 14th November '18

The Deep 1: Dragon Rider
Author: Finn Black
I really enjoyed this book as it has lots of facts about the ocean alongside the story.  My favourite character is Ant as I want to be like him.  The story was good as it wasn't one that has been part of the TV series.

I read this book 14th November '18

Julius Zebra: Grapple with the Greeks!
Author: Gary Northfield
I like this book because it has historical facts and funny fiction.  My favourite character is Julius because he goes to the underworld and saves his brother.  I recommend this book for boys and girls.

I read this book 7th November '18

How to Train Your Dragon: Book 1
Author: Cressida Cowell
I thought this book was really funny with lots of little jokes and silly words.  Hiccup is my favourite character as he is silly.  I like the adventure that he has with his dragon.

Was read to me 22nd October '18

Picklewitch and Jack
Author: Claire Barker
We loved this book and was a great book to share at bedtime.  It follows the friendship between Picklewitch and Jack. Both of them are desperate for friendship but Jack doesn't quite know how to get along with Picklewitch, but he realises he can't get along without her in the end.  There are lots of funny stories in the books that made us laugh.  But it also helps children understand about accepting people for their differences.