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I read this book 15th November '18

That's not my llama...
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
We love the that's not my .. books
This is another great addition to the collection with many different colours and textures for young readers to enjoy 

Was read to me 24th September '18

Happy Birthday, Boris!
Author: Sam Lloyd Illustrator: Sam Lloyd
We loved this book boris is a brilliant character and my daughter found the hand puppet hilarious 

Was read to me 26th August '18

100 Dogs
Author: Michael Whaite
This provided quite a few giggles my daughter loved the sillyness and the brilliant rhyming. The illustrations are also great 

Was read to me 12th July '18

Noisy Farm
Author: Rod Campbell
A lovely book to teach your little one the name of baby animals and the noises they make and what child doesn't just love a lift the flap book

Was read to me 12th July '18

What Does An Anteater Eat?
Author: Ross Collins
What a lovely book about a anteater who doesn't know what to eat so starts asking other animals. The book is full of humour and was great to teach my daughter what some animals do like to eat.