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Was read to me 9th January '19

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
Author: Liz Pichon
its good but not as some of the other books I have read, it didn't really enjoy it as it wasn't as interesting as the rest. tom and derek play a dog zombies gig at the leafy green old people home and it goes quite well. 
I like the way the book was written, it looks good inside and the words are written prettily. I have read all the Tom Gates books now

I read this book 9th January '19

The World's Worst Children 3
Author: David Walliams
This was the first worlds worst children book I have read. I think the stories are hilarious! It was gross like when the boy made a triangle of bogies, eventually he ended up turning into a giant bogie!. There was a giant baby called Herbert which was really funny.  It was good because I love David Walliams. The characters in the book were very funny and every story was different. Raj was also in some of the stories and I like the way David Walliams writes him into all the books he writes. 
I read this book then mummy bought it as an audio book so she could listen to it in the car with us (because secretly mummy loves David Walliams too!)

I read this book 9th January '19

Shine On, Daizy Star
Author: Cathy Cassidy
daizy star starts of with a happy family until her dad has a crazy idea... the characters are daizy,pixie (her little sis)Becca(her big sis)her dad and her mum. the book was thrilling and exciting and they left a cliff hanger for the next book....

I read this book 9th January '19

Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar
Author: Cathy Cassidy
I liked this book because Daisy star has a nice personality and she has 3 friends called Willow, Beth and Murphy. For her birthday her mum and dad got her a pink guitar. She signed up for the battle of the bands as she wanted to win the 5 hundred dollars so her dad wouldn't split up with daisies mum and move to Malawi on his own. but something unfortunate happened just before she performed she had some  lemonade and left it one the speaker one of the judges was her guitar guru ted tingely.also Becca (Becca is daisies big sister) becca's boyfriend spikes band the smashed bannas preformed but half way through daisies performance her lemonade spilt on the speaker and it caused an explosion. This book was quite interesting, it made me feel scared and excited. It was interesting and a little bit intriguing.

Was read to me 17th November '18

Author: Cathy Cassidy
Mum review - I choose this book for Scarlett because of its name! A quick review of the 'blurb' told me it was all about a wild child called Scarlett. As my 'Scarlett is almost turning 9 going on 19 i thought it might be a good book to tame her ever growing attitude.
Scarlett is an independent reader now so i didn't read this with her but she did broach the subject of smoking on reading this book.
Scarletts review -  Scarlett friend Riah trys smoking and gets Scarlett to try.  Scarlett hates it and realised what an awful mistake she's made.  Scarlett meets a boy called Kian and his horse midnight. This book isn't a funny book but i enjoyed a more serious book about growing up.  In the book scarletts mum and dad seperate and she goes to live with her dad in Wales. I felt sorry for Scarlett as she had to leave all her friends and move to another town and school.