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Was read to me 28th November '18

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Author: Dr. Seuss
Leo loves the Jim Carey movieoc the Grinch. He absolutely loved the rhyming in the book and he loved the pictures. A fun book to read as he isn’t mean after all. He loves Christmas 

Was read to me 18th October '18

Unlock Your Imagination: 250 Boredom Busters - Fun Ideas for Games, Crafts, and Challenges
Author: DK
 I think this is our new go to book for activities. Since we received the book we have used it every day. My kids loved the board games that are included (checkers/chess/snakes and ladders) and have now learnt how to play them. 
The book has over 250 activities that are laid out in a colourful manner. If you fancy making puppets there’s a large section showing you how to make card/sock/spoon/finger/shadow puppets. There’s quizzes, slime making, obstacle courses and much more. I highly recommend this book for keeping the kids entertained as it really has entertained my two. 

Was read to me 18th October '18

LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book: More than 200 Games, Activities, and Building Ideas
Authors: DK , Elizabeth Dowsett , Simon Hugo , Hannah Dolan
if you have a little one who is Lego and Star Wars obsessed then this book is for you! Every page is crammed with characters and themes from Star Wars. The instructions are easy to follow as they are step by step but you do need to have the same shaped pieces to build the item. 

Was read to me 18th October '18

Angry Cookie
Author: Laura Dockrill Illustrator: Maria Karipidou
A lovely illustrated book which makes children think about the anger emotion. Poor cookie gets very angry and you discover along the way what it is making him so cross. I liked that it showed every day events which could cause children frustration and then it showed ways in overcoming them. The book “speaks” to the reader and makes you feel involved. Thankfully cookie turns out to be happy at the end due to a special someone - you! 

Was read to me 10th October '18

Flip-Flap Friends: Mermicorns: A Mix and Match Book
Author: Pat-a-Cake Illustrator: Richard Merritt
Leo loves flap books and unicorns so this was perfect for him. He loved turning the pages and seeing what mermicorn creation would be next. Bright fun illustrations with some lovely names a round of applause for marina wave rainbow scales! lots of combinations to keep little ones attention.