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Was read to me 18th March '19

Molly's Moon Mission
Author: Duncan Beedie Illustrator: Duncan Beedie
My 6 year old daughter really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and has a lovely story about a little moth that just wants to go on an adventure and nobody is going to stop her from reaching her goal. We really enjoyed looking at all the illustrations and talking about the meaning of the book. 

Was read to me 23rd February '19

Seal's First BIG Adventure
Author: Helen Dee Illustrator: Sarah-Leigh Wills
My daughter and I really enjoyed reading this together. This book has such lovely illustrations and a sweet story with a happy ending. My little one thought the seal was adorable and wished she could have one of her own. 

I read this book 4th February '19

Look Inside a Hospital
Author: Katie Daynes Illustrator: Stefano Tognetti
My five year old just adores this book. Lately she has become interested in anything medical and learning all the facts about the hospital has been very intriguing to her. She can spend a very long time opening up all the flaps and reading them to herself. We would highly recommend this book to others. 

Was read to me 28th December '18

The Bumblebear
Author: Nadia Shireen
My little girl loves this story of a bear pretending to be a bee to see if he can steal some honey. She received it at school and we read it a few times a week, such a cute book with nice and colourful illustrations! 

I read this book 28th December '18

Meg and Mog
Authors: Helen Nicoll , Jan Pienkowski
We have recently purchased the whole collection of these books as they are a must have. My daughter and I adore reading the Meg and Mog books together giggling at all the mischief they get up to!