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Was read to me 8th March '19

Burglar Bill
Author: Allan Ahlberg
I remember this book from my own childhood! It’s about a burglar who starts out bad but ends up good. Some of the text is a bit dated but the story is lovely and both my children enjoyed it 

Was read to me 18th February '19

Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Sebastien Braun
A new JD find, spinderella is a spider with countless brothers and sisters... so she resolves yo learn how to count so that they can play games with fair teams. The spider family live in a school so Spinderella listens in on lessons to become a great counter and uses her wit to find her way home when a well meaning teacher puts her outside the window!

It was a nice story but quite long, my 4yo fidgeted a bit while I was reading. 

Was read to me 18th February '19

Gangsta Granny
Author: David Walliams
This is our first of what promises to be many stories by David Walliams. It’s a fun story about a seemingly boring nan and her sole grandson. When granny hears Ben thinks she’s boring she introduces to him her alto ego... who is anything but boring! They set off on a fantastic adventure and grow so close in the extra time they spend together. The ending is bittersweet but one we can all resonate with. A good book to read but I’d definitely recommend 8 maybe 9 years plus 

I read this book 30th January '19

The 13-Storey Treehouse
Author: Andy Griffiths Illustrator: Terry Denton
I love these books especially the really funny pictures. I wish I could visit the treehouse, terry and Andy are so cool

Was read to me 30th January '19

Anneli the Art Hater
Author: Anne Fine
It’s a story about a girl who hates art, be it looking at it, doing it or talking about it. Anneli is worried as her teacher has asked the children to think up novel ways to raise money, and she’s conscious of putting demands on the already overstretched parents. So she goes exploring in the shared house she lives in and finds a secret door that leads to her neighbour’s house. Inside there’s a treasure trove of paintings that all have a mysterious story to tell. Anneli sets about solving the mystery and finding the treasure she needs to raise money for her school.