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Was read to me 23rd November '18

Cardboard Box Creations
Authors: Lonely Planet , Laura Baker
I love the way this book comes with cardboard ready to make lots of cool things. I am 6 and have enjoyed starting to make them. The book is really good 

I read this book 9th November '18

Hampstead the Hamster
Author: Michael Rosen
This book was read by my 6 year old son. He only likes books with gentle topics, nothing too sad or scary, so this fitted the bill nicely. The content was appropriate but it was a very easy read. He flew through it in no time. He enjoyed it but would have preferred a longer book for his reading ability at this age. 

Was read to me 5th November '18

The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom
Author: Steve Smallman Illustrator: Mr. Nick Schon
A hilarious (if a little rude) picture book. Great illustrations and humour which engage the reader. 

Was read to me 27th October '18

How to Make Friends With a Ghost
Author: Rebecca Green
A gorgeously illustrated book which helps squash little ones’ worries about ghosts. Perfect in the run up to Halloween. I loved the language choices, sparking opportunity to expand the vocabularies of young readers. 

Was read to me 20th October '18

Elmer's Weather: Tabbed Board Book
Author: David McKee
I loved Elmer as a child and am enjoying sharing the stories  with the special little people in my life.