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Christmas is coming, and what Leo wants more than anything in the world is a pet hamster. And guess what? He gets one on Christmas morning! Leo names his new pet Hampstead, after an autocorrect mistake on his wishlist. Everything is great, that is until Leo realises that Hampstead is miserable. What can Leo do to cheer Hampstead up?

Hampstead the Hamster Reviews | Toppsta


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16th November '18
I read it to beardy aged 5 aged 5
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
5 stars
i really enjoyed reading this book to my son LEO and he thought was amazing the boy has same name has him and he also wants a hamster and think he thought this book was has good has a real hamster 

we thought was a lovely and funny storyline and was a great read, i feel the only small thing that caused abit of disapointment was son wanted to see coloured pictures in the book because he was asking me.... what colour is the hamster and so on.

but overall was great to read and review this book and still gets 5 stars from us and LEO 
6th November '18
Madmoo read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
5 stars
This book was really great. I love Christmas and this book has got me really excited about it now. I really liked the character of Leo and loved that he got a pet hamster for Christmas, I really want one now too. It was a lovely story with really great pictures and I enjoyed it so much that I’m definitely going to read it again lots of times before Christmas.
12th November '18
Amelie read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
5 stars
The book is about a boy called Leo who really wanted a hamster, on Christmas day he gets what he wanted but the hamster wasn't happy.  Leo and his dad have to work out what's the matter.

I liked this book because it had funny bits, like when he got his spellings wrong and from his joke book.  The characters were funny because they do funny things and the dad and the boy Leo do fun things together.

This book made me laugh lots and I really like the ending, it made me smile.  It was a good size book for me to read to my mum and I read it really quickly because I liked it so much.
6th November '18
I read it to eric_ aged 5 aged 5
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
4 stars
A book about a boy that really wants a Hamster for Christmas and gets it, and the Hamster also wants a gift and he gets that as well, but this one not from Father Christmas. I just hope my son doesn't ask for a Hamster for Christmas now... The book is not too long, the font is easy to read and has a good size, illustrations are very frequent and help a lot: great for early readers! 
The book starts with some references to the Famous Five and to Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox, which my son hasn't read yet... But he didn't seem to care... My son enjoyed the book. As with our previous Michael Rosen book, we can see sounds coming alive in this story, so it's a good book to read aloud. 

I liked that this book has just the son and the dad shown, so it seems they're the only ones in the house, which makes it a nice change and still the same Christmas spirit. The cover doesn't really refer to something that happens in the book... 
16th November '18
I read it to 3R aged 7 to 8
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
4 stars
A lovely little chapter book. It's all about Leo, a boy who gets a hamster for Christmas. The story follows Leo trying to keep his new hamster happy. My class particularly enjoyed references to other well-known children's texts and the style of writing was similar to Michael Rosen's poetry, so felt familiar to them.
18th November '18
I read it to summerkerchey aged 7 aged 7 & to milliekerchey aged 5 aged 5
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
4 stars
A lovely Christmas story! Nice large print and short chapters made it perfect for my 5 year old to read through, it was however slightly too young for my 7 year old.
5th November '18
I read it to Squirt aged 4 aged 4
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
4 stars
This was a nice christmassy story to share with my daughter, we enjoyed the story of Leo getting a pet for Christmas and thought the pictures were fun and perfect to break up the text for younger readers. It has got us talking about what she will ask Santa for Christmas-luckily not a hamster! 
9th November '18
Gymnastjay read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
Hampstead the Hamster 9781783447329
3 stars
This book was read by my 6 year old son. He only likes books with gentle topics, nothing too sad or scary, so this fitted the bill nicely. The content was appropriate but it was a very easy read. He flew through it in no time. He enjoyed it but would have preferred a longer book for his reading ability at this age. 
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