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I read this book 13th January '19

Author: Peter Bunzl
THis book was a real page turner. Mystery is mixed with adventure as the secrets of the Skycircus are revealed. But not everything is as fun as it normally is in a circus, Skycircus keeps a dark secret and Lily and her new friends must fight against the evil whom has captured them. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery and adventure

Was read to me 18th November '18

Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
Author: Jeff Norton
At first i could not not get into the plot of the book but after multiple attempts of reading the first chapter i couldn't put the book down and i absolutely loved it. Involving space travel and adventure it falls into one of my favorite category of books. i would  recommend it to 9 years or above. I couldn't stop myself from reading start to finish and the book has some excellent vocabulary.

I read this book 15th October '18

Lift the Flap Engineering
Authors: Rose Hall , Alex Frith Illustrator: Lee Cosgrove
I loved the flaps and images in this book. it was really inspiring and made me think about being an engineer as a job. there is lack of information
 but that is made up for the fun illustrations and interactive flaps.
 i think it is suitable for anyone over 5 and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in engineering

I read this book 12th September '18

The 104-Storey Treehouse
Author: Andy Griffiths Illustrator: Terry Denton
This book is full of funny moments and laugh out loud moments. It has a unique story line and has brilliant pictures. At the bottom of each page is a joke and each joke is linked to story. It is not very easy to put the book down and gives lots of jokes to tell friends. Andy and Terry live in an 104 storey treehouse and each level has lots of fun activities and jobs. In this book Andy and Terry once more are struggleing to get their book published in time for 'Mr Bignose' but they keep getting distracted by the weird and wonderful things going on in their treehouse.

I read this book 21st August '18

AWOL 1 Agent Without Licence
Author: Andrew Lane
Wow! This book combines spy theme with a futurist storyline.  A real pageturner!
 Keiran was sat in a shopping mall, talking about concerts when a man is abducted from the table next to him. The man's glasses and ear piece fall out and Keiran picks them up to find himself sucked into a plot to blow up five entire cities.
At first I couldn't get into the book, but as I read more I become enthalled by it and read it all within a day.