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Hidden under a small suburban town, the Inventory is a collection
of the most incredible technology the world has NEVER seen: invisible
camouflage, HoverBoots, indestructible metals, and the deadly
war robot Iron Fist.

Dev's uncle, Charlie Parker, is the Inventory's mild-mannered curator,
with security provided by Eema, a beyond-state-of-the-art artificial
intelligence system. But security is catastrophically breached
when Lot and Mason from school turn up unexpectedly and,
hot on their heels, a ruthless gang of thieves working for the Collector
and the Shadow Helix organization.

If the thieves succeed in their goal to seize the Iron Fist, Dev,
his friends, and the world are in a whole heap of trouble.

Iron Fist Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781407161792
  • Pub Date: 5th May 2016
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Imprint: Scholastic
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 288

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31st October '16
Tommyg read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
I like gadgets so this book kept me intrigued, I think my younger brother who is 8 wouldn't understand it properly. Love the secrets and the book kept me entertained. It took me longer than my normal books to read as its quite big.
10th November '17
I read it myself (an adult) & to Y7 Students aged 11 to 12
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
Dev lives with his uncle, Charlie Parker, in The Inventory, a secret facility filled with mind-blowing inventions and technology confiscated by the government. His uncle is the curator and won’t allow him to touch anything!

During an unexpected visit by two of his classmates, The Inventory comes under attack by a villainous criminal called The Collector.  Dev, Lot and Mason need to decide how far they will go to stop him from stealing a dangerous weapon.

As the story unfolds, we see Dev’s character develop from being a bored, rebellious, thrill seeking boy to the self-designated protector of The Inventory.
The characters are well developed such as strict Uncle Charles, the evil Collector, Mason the bully and the curious Lot.  Unlikely friendships are forged as the three of them are forced to fight for their lives.

This story has it all and is fraught with danger whilst exploring themes of betrayal, science fiction, technology, friendship and adventure.

The best part is there is a sequel to look forward to so this isn’t the end of Dev’s adventures!
31st January '17
UnitedBoy read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
Great book and really interesting front cover. Takes you away to world of inventions and other things. Found it hard to read to begin with but once into the book I loved it. 
4th December '18
JackF13 read it themselves aged 13 aged 13
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
This was a great book to read as the first in a series that features missions and this is the very start of how the main characters secret life happened. It makes you feel as though you are a character there in the book and it leaves you wanting to read more. I loved reading this after reading the Alex Rider series
3rd January '17
I read it myself aged 9 aged 9
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
I really enjoyed this book. All the technology was sooooo fascinating, and the storyline was full of exciting points.
This book was definitely a page-turner, and both boys and girls would enjoy it. I hope that there will be another book
1st June '17
cooper20 read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
Took a while to get going but enjoyed it very much!! Love technology so this is the sort of book I would pick out to read. Took a long time to read but it was a good book.
19th November '16
AJH read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
Dev is a 12 year old boy who lives in the Inventory (a secret high security location), where  innovative gadgets (that had been confiscated due to them being dangerous if they were used inappropiately) were kept. Items such as Hover Boots which fly, bouncy balls that every time they bounce, bounce faster and faster until they are going so fast, they can destroy everything they touch, basic underwater breathing equipment that is not suitable for the job, the valuable Ironfist ( metal armour device which is easily manovable and easy to attach to the user's body) . When a group of armed people break into the Inventory to steal IronFist, Dev's uncle Charles Parker is kidnapped and Dev, with the help of his two friends Lot and Mason, must get to the IronFist before the thiefs, and save his Uncle.
I loved this book because I liked gadgets and this cause my interest. It was  page turner!! I liked the design of the cover very much.
24th December '16
I read it myself (an adult)
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
Read this aloud to my dyslexic 15 year old son and my 13 year old also listened in.  

Iron Fist is a fast paced adventure story.  Dev and his two new friends dont have far to travel to access a fantastic inventory of the latest tech, but will they survive and save the day?

There is literally so much going on in this story both boys seemed to enjoy it although perhaps it was a little young.  I really enjoyed it and it's really easy to read would make an interesting film to see all the tech become 'reality'.
21st November '16
Yoloman read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Iron Fist 9781407161792
5 stars
This book was brilliant, the story is so good that it may be real!. I wanted to read on to find out how they stopped Emma the robot security and what Devs secret was. My favourite character is Dev, his special abilities and sense of humour make him great.
The book is easy to read, the chapters are not too long. This is a great book to read for both boys and girls.
13th May '16
I read it myself (an adult)
Iron Fist 9781407161792
4 stars
Living in the world's strongest vault, which houses technology you could never imagine in your wildest dreams should be the perfect life for a young boy.  But not so for Dev.  Unpopular at school and lonely living with his distant uncle, Devon Parker can't wait until he's old enough to leave the high-security compound and do precisely what he wants to.
His best friend is Eema, a beyond state-of-the-art artificially intelligent computer system who is there to look after Dev and help protect the inventory of amazing gadgets secured within the vault from the outside agencies who are desperate to get their hands on them.  HoverBoots, HyperBalls and the sought-after Iron Fist are all buried deep within the inventory but The Collector will stop at nothing to get them.
When an armed militia manage to infiltrate the base, Dev and two fellow students are all that stand between them and the Iron Fist.  Can they stop the mercenaries before it's too late?!
A brilliant, gadget-packed read which draws you in and has you flying alongside Dev on a OmniBoard as he races against time to discover the true secrets hidden deep within the bowels of the vault.  Go grab yourself a copy!
5th November '16
I read it to Geo aged 8 aged 8
Iron Fist 9781407161792
4 stars
This was quite a challenging book for 8-year-old. We began reading it a few times before we really got going with it. It's a fast-paced adventure about a likeable nerd Dev, and is packed full of technology and gadgets. 8-year-old loved all the tech - we spent a long time talking about hover boots would actually work - which might have been why it took a while to get past the first couple of chapters! The characters are sympathetic and the story makes you care about what happens to them. *slight spoiler coming up*... the cliff hanger ending means there could be more books on their way! 
21st December '16
LouisR read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Iron Fist 9781407161792
4 stars
This is about a boy whose dad owns a secret underground base and he has lots of futuristic technology.  There is a collector who wants to steal the iron fist and so Dev ( the Son) and his friend Mason have to protect it.  I liked reading this book because of all the ideas that are in it.  I liked the ball which the more it bounced , the faster it got and the more destruction it caused.  

I think this book is good for 10 years and up because it has a little bit of fighting in it.  I would like to read more from this author.  He is really nice and he came to my school to talk to us.
7th November '16
I read it to MaxS aged 9 aged 9
Iron Fist 9781407161792
4 stars
This is a good adventure book full of action and adventure. It looks superficially like it would appeal to boys more than girls because of the design and cover but in actual fact would probably appeal to both. It is a little tricky for an average 9 year old to begin with so I read it to him until we got into the storyline but confident readers should have no problem. A good all round read with nothing particularly scary.
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