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David Walliams

  • 5 stars across 94 books
David Walliams has become one of Britain’s best-selling children’s book authors, often compared to Roald Dahl in his writing style. There are now over 25 children’s books by David Walliams, including full-length fiction, short stories and picture books and all his books are illustrated. 
His picture books are enjoyed by children of all ages, we'd recommend his short stories for ages 5+ and his full length fiction titles for ages 8+. Reluctant readers may also particularly enjoy the David Walliams audiobooks, which are narrated by him, complete with all the silly voices.
David Walliams' new book, Megamonster, a full-length novel, has just been announced and will be published on 24th June 2021. This follows The Creature Choir, his latest picture book, published in May 2021.
The most popular David Walliams book on Toppsta, is his full-length fiction book Gangsta Granny (2011). There's a Snake in My School is his most popular picture book. 
He wrote his first book, The Boy in the Dress back in 2008. He is a passionate champion of reading and in a recent interview with the Radio Times magazine, he said that if he was Prime Minister he would safeguard libraries and improve access to reading. You can read more here. There have also been numerous films (or movies if you prefer...) of David Walliams books including Mr Stink (2012), Gangsta Granny (2013), The Boy in the Dress (2014), Billionaire Boy (2016), Ratburger (2017), Grandpa's Great Escape (2018) and The Midnight Gang (2018) and the author always has a small part in each of the David Walliams films so keep a look out for him!
If your children like classical music (or you'd like to introduce them to classical music!) Classic FM announced a new 10 part podcast series, launching in February 2019, hosted by David Walliams, designed to bring classical composers and their pieces to life.
All the David Walliams Books in Order:
The Boy in the Dress (2008)
Mr Stink (2009)
Billionaire Boy (2010)
Gangsta Granny (2011)
Ratburger (2012)
Demon Dentist (2013)
The Slightly Annoying Elephant (2013) - Picture Book
The Queen's Orang-utan (2015) - Picture book for Comic Relief
Awful Auntie (2014)
The First Hippo on the Moon (2014) - Picture Book
The Bear Who Went Boo! (2015) - Picture Book
Grandpa's Great Escape (2015)
The World's Worst Children (2016) - Short Story Collection
The Midnight Gang (2016)
There's a Snake in My School! (2016) - Picture Book
The World's Worst Children 2 (2017) - Short Story Collection
Bad Dad (2017)
Boogie Bear (2017) - Picture Book
The World's Worst Children 3 (2018)
The Ice Monster (2018)
Geronimo (2018) - Picture Book 
Fing (2019)
The World's Worst Teachers (June 2019)
The Beast of Buckingham Palace (Nov 2019)
The Creature Choir (Dec 2019)
The World's Worst Parents (July 2020)
Little Monsters (Oct 2020)
Code Name Bananas (Nov 2020)
The Creature Choir (May 2021)
Megamonster (June 24 2021)
David Walliams Biography
David Walliams was born David Williams on 20th August 1971 and changed his name when he joined the actors’ union, Equity and discovered there was already another actor named David Williams. He is 47 years old. 
He has been a judge on the ITV talent show Britain’s Got Talent since 2012
He is a keen swimmer and in 2006 he swam the English Channel for Sport Relief. It took him 10 hours and 34 minutes to swim and he raised over £1m!
To date he has sold over eight million copies worldwide and his books have been translated into forty-six languages! Just think of all those children around the world enjoying his stories.
His early books (The Boy in the Dress and Mr Stink) are illustrated by Quentin Blake. His more recent titles including Gangsta Granny, Awful Auntie and Grandpa's Great Escape) are illustrated by Tony Ross.
He has one son, Alfred with the actress Lara Stone. The couple married in 2010 and divorced in 2015.
Our favourite David Walliams Book Characters
Raj – from The Boy in the DressMr StinkBillionaire BoyGangsta GrannyRatburger and Demon Dentist
Granny – from Gangsta Granny
Burt – from Ratburger
Our favourite David Walliams Book Quotes
“Adults always ask kids how they are doing at school. The one subject kids absolutely hate talking about. You don’t even want to talk about school when you are at school” (Gangsta Granny)
“It’s strange how sometimes you can be so happy it goes all the way round to sadness” (Billionaire Boy)
“Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it is correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well. He was the stinkiest, stinky stinker who ever lived.
A stink is the worst type of smell. A stink is worse than a stench. And a stench is worse than a pong. And a pong is worse than a whiff. And a whiff can be enough to make your nose wrinkle” (Mr Stink)
22nd February 2013

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