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Wrote a Review 14th December '18

Book pages Armistice Runner
Armistice Runner
I read it (an adult)
I read this book and this book has a lot of suspense, if you have read one of Michael Morpurgo's books you would know that it about animals and war. I think this book is very heart touching and there is a lot of bloody scene's. So I think this book is for 10 and over. 

Wrote a Review 13th December '18

Book pages Goodnight, Bing: Touch-and-feel book
Goodnight, Bing: Touch-and-feel book
I read it to Ayrian aged 2
Great bedtime story to read my little sister. She really enjoyed the fact that it was interactive.

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Wrote a Review 6th December '18

Book pages How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
I read it (an adult)
I think this book is about the Grinch who steels Christmas and sindy loo who talks to the Grinch makes the Grinch think that ehat he did was wrong so he gives the presents back.

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Goodnight, Bing: Touch-and-feel book
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