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I read this book 2nd February '18

City Trails - Rome
Author: Lonely Planet Kids
As soon as I saw this book I wanted to read it. I love travelling and creating a travel book specific to a city to be read by children isn’t a fabulous idea. It has 100 pages of photos, illustrations and facts about Rome’s famous monuments Andy sights as well as shopping and and eating. There is somehting for every child in this book, and the paragraphs are short and to the point making it easy to remember. I am now trying to convince my parents that our next city trip should be Rome.

I read this book 26th January '18

The Eye of the North
Author: Sinead O'Hart
It took me some time to finically start this book As with its title, i was not sure what to expect, magic, drama, action.  This is adventure story with a female heroine. Emmeline's parents are missing, and Emmeline has been kidnapped by a man determined to unleash a centaur so powerful it can rule the world. Can Emmeline, and stowaway Thing, save everyone from impending doom in the icy backdrop of Greenland?

I had never heard of the author But enjoyed her easy to follow writing. It was a perfect winter book with its setting in Greenland. I liked Emmeline, and thought she was a good lead character. She's inventive, brave and adventurous. I was also quite taken by Thing. 

I would definitely recommend this book to 10+.

Was read to me 3rd January '18

Topsy and Tim: The New Baby
Author: Jean Adamson Illustrator: Belinda Worsley
Topsy and Tim’s adventures are always very close to real life. This one came in handy when a new baby was born in our family. The book explains how the twins’ friend is about to have a new baby. When the baby is born how the little boy Toby is a responsible brother. It explains how to do a baby bath. My children als loved the little guessing game at the end of each story.

I read this book 2nd January '18

New Moon
Author: Stephenie Meyer
When Edward Cullen leaves Forks Bella is not herself at all. She has nightmares, and sees visions and hears Edward every time that she does something wrong. Meanwhile a thirsty vampire called Victoria is hunting Bella for revenge! Then one day Bella and her best friend Jacob Black are hanging out at her house when the phone rings, Jacob awnsers it- it’s Edward, Jacob says ‘he’s gone to the funeral’ when he asks about Charlie, meaning that he has gone to his friends funeral, Edward thinks it’s his true love bellas funeral so he goes to Italy to die! Can Bella save him...

I loved this book and would rate it 13+

I read this book 2nd January '18

Author: Stephenie Meyer
This was definitely my favourite book joint to the hunger games!

Isabella Swans parents, Charlie and Renee are divorced. Her mum lives in Phoenix and her dad is Cheif of Forks, near Seattle. When Bella moves to Forks at her dads house, a rainy, green town, she wants to go back to her mum. Then she meets Edward (a vampire)...

I loved this book and I would recommend it for 13+.