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I read this book 29th May '18

In the Mouth of the Wolf
Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Barroux
I am a massive fan of Michael Morpurgo’s books and this one did not disappoint, it is a true story of two brothers during the War who were the author’s uncles, Francis and Pieter who have entirely different personalities and views about the war. One becomes a soldier and one a spy. The illustrations are also wonderful in this book particularly the front cover. I would recommend this book to boys and girls age 9 plus who love the themes of war, animals, brotherhood, 

I read this book 29th May '18

How to Bee
Author: Bren MacDibble
A very different book from the ones I;usually read. I was drawn by the cover and intrigued by the blurb. I found it a real page turner and admired the strength and courage of Peony as a character. It was important to be reminded of important issues the world faces and might face even more in the future too. It made me even more determined to save our planet in the best way I can.

I read this book 29th May '18

Twelve Nights
Author: Andrew Zurcher
Being a Philip Pullman fan, I was drawn immediately into this book by the short blurb on the back. A fantasy story mixed with mystery and suspense with the main character being a young courageous girl ready to do whatever it takes to fin her father again. I love the imaginative writing and the range of emotion sit brought you. I would recommend it to boys and girls age 10 and above.

I read this book 15th May '18

Grimm's Fairy Tales
Author: The Brothers Grimm
As soon as I saw this book I borrowed it out of my library. I had always wanted to read it, however, when I read it I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting it to be longer and gorier. Also, it had Cinderella for example under the name of Ashputel, so I couldn’t tell which story had originated from which book. Overall it was a good book with different stories but not was I was expecting.

I read this book 1st May '18

A Dog's Life
Author: Ann M. Martin
I had set my eyes on this book in the school library but have not been able to borrow it until I asked for it my local library. What I was drawn to initially was the cover. A super heartbreaking story about a dog born astray and has to live through a lot of difficulties to survive. It is an inspiring book about determination. I loved it and would certainly recommend it.