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I read this book 18th January '19

Head Kid
Author: David Baddiel Illustrator: Steven Lenton
A funny book, by a great author.  I really liked the characters and thought the body swop made a great story. I would highly recommend this book to my friends.

I read this book 22nd June '18

The Stig Plays a Dangerous Game: A Top Gear book
Authors: Jon Claydon , Tim Lawler
I love top gear, so was really pleased to get this book. I enjoyed the action in the story and most of all the Stig. I would recommend this book to my friends.

I read this book 22nd February '18

The Day That Aliens (Nearly) Ate Our Brains
Author: Tom McLaughlin
A really enjoyed this book. The characters were funny and I like using a funny voice when I read what the aliens were saying. 

Was read to me 5th December '17

Father Christmas's Fake Beard
Author: Terry Pratchett Illustrator: Mark Beech
I really liked these Christmas stories because they were funny. Sometimes I found the old English wording difficult to read and then to understand but my mum helped me. I liked the short stories and liked it best when my mum read them to me!

I read this book 14th October '17

The Jet of Justice
Author: Angie Lake
I really enjoyed this book. I thought the characters were good and their inventions were great. I loved the pictures and that that there were not too many words on a page. Quick and easy to read.