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Was read to me 18th March '18

Supersaurs 2: The Stegosorcerer
Author: Jay Jay Burridge
perfect for any dinosaur fan, quite a long book and my boys did need help reading it with some of the harder words.

overall good, I would recommend reading book 1 before you read book 2.

I read this book 1st March '18

The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear
Author: Margrete Lamond Illustrator: Heather Vallance
The book arrived beautifully packaged and I had a good feeling about it before we even read it.

A great book about friends and you can be friends no matter what.

Lovely drawings in the book and suitable for quite a age range.

I read this book 17th February '18

Night Zookeeper: The Giraffes of Whispering Wood
Authors: Joshua Davidson , Giles Clare Illustrator: Buzz Burman
A lovely book about Wilf and Sam, Charlie liked the characters, Its not the usual type of book he reads but he enjoyed it and at the back there is a sample of the next book which he now wants to read too.

I read this book 26th November '17

The Mice of the Round Table 2: Voyage to Avalon
Author: Julie Leung
This was the second book in this series.  Charlie enjoyed the story and has requested we get book 3.

I read this book 8th October '17

Sophie Hits Six
Author: Dick King-Smith Illustrator: David Parkins
This was Charlies school book, he really enjoyed it reading, it was easy to read with no fancy words and the words flowed.

Only trouble is now Charlie has taken an interest into animals and wants some pets......