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I read this book 20th February '19

The Storm Leopards
Author: Holly Webb
Read by my snow leopard mad 7 year old! She loved it and couldn’t put it down! Will be starting on the next from the collection soon.

I read this book 20th February '19

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Pesky Polar Bear
Author: Amelia Cobb Illustrator: Sophy Williams
Another fantastic story from the Zoos rescue zoo collection. Perfectly pitched for my 7 year old to read on her own, with a story that kept her hooked all the way to the end. Will have to start on another now!

I read this book 14th February '19

Night Zookeeper: The Penguins of Igloo City
Authors: Joshua Davidson , Giles Clare Illustrator: Buzz Burman
A very funny, exciting adventure story. Would like to read more of the series. 

I read this book 26th December '18

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Picky Puffin
Author: Amelia Cobb Illustrator: Sophy Williams
My 7 year old was hooked on this book, so much so that I’ve bought the rest of the collection already! They are written perfectly so she can read them independently and hasn’t had to ask for help yet. Lovely stories.

Was read to me 11th December '18

Captain Yellowbelly the Tale of the Terrible Pirate
Author: Preston Rutt Illustrator: Leo Timmers
Hilariously funny tales of a truly terrible pirate! From the moment he got poop in his eye I knew we were going to love this story :-)