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Was read to me 9th January '19

Wibbly Pig: Wibbly Pig and the Tooky
Author: Mick Inkpen
This book is quite funny to young children as big sister takes a real toucan home from the zoo. Children will find this really funny. My daughter was a bit young to understand the story but she still enjoyed listening to be read to her. 

Was read to me 9th January '19

Kipper: Kipper's Snowy Day
Author: Mick Inkpen
I read this book to my daughter today. It’s all about kipper playing in the snow and having fun. It was such a lovely read and my daughter enjoyed it and loved looking at the pictures. 

Was read to me 9th January '19

Dr Duck
Author: Steve Smallman Illustrator: Hannah George
This is a lovely book to read to a poorly child. It’s abiut all the animals that are unwell. It’s also a great read if your child is currently into playing doctors and nurses. This can enhance their imaginary play. Lots of colourful pictures throughout. A great laugh throughout. 

Was read to me 25th November '18

That's not my llama...
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
This is a perfect book for a baby or young child. As my baby is under 1 I directed her hand to the sensory parts in the book and she loved it. You could see the concentration on her face. There were also smiles throughout. This is a lovely board book and because it is a board book it makes it easier for young children to be independent by turning the pages themself. 

Was read to me 23rd November '18

A Very Corgi Christmas
Author: Sam Hay Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
This has become one of mine and my daughters favourite books. It is so lovely and we loved the ending. The book has bright pictures on every page. It is perfect to read for the build up to Christmas. I know this is going to be read at least once a week from now until Christmas. We highly recommend it.