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Was read to me 30th August '18

What Does An Anteater Eat?
Author: Ross Collins
A brilliantly funny book with a great twist at the end. My boys loved reading this, and spotting and counting the ants on each page. Shortly after winning this, we went to see Ross Collins at the Edinburgh Book Festival. He was just as funny in person, and we got our book signed too. Thank you, Toppsta!

I read this book 29th June '18

Ask Oscar
Author: Alan MacDonald Illustrator: Sarah Horne
My son has been reading this, and really enjoying it. It features a talking dog, a pig on a bike and a 'Poopomatic' - what's not to love about that if you're 7! A great chapter book for early yet confident readers.

I read this book 29th June '18

Collins Children's Dictionary: Learn with Words
Author: Collins Dictionaries
This beautifully illustrated dictionary is perfect for primary school children. My boy struggles with his spelling, and has been using this dictionary to help with his homework. The illustrations definitely make learning more fun!

Was read to me 10th May '18

The Strongest Mum
Author: Nicola Kent
This is a brilliant book and an instant favourite. We loved mum's giant bag, and of course my boys had to go and investigate what was all in my bag after reading it.

Was read to me 22nd April '18

Girls Who Rocked The World
Authors: Michelle Roehm McCann , Amelie Welden
As mother to two boys, I want to raise them to know about inspiring, strong female role models. This book has been great for dipping in to, to introduce my 7 year old to just that. I'm sure this will be a great reference book for years to come. Recommended for girls and boys alike.