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Book pages Captain Cat and the Treasure Map
Captain Cat and the Treasure Map
I read it to AnnaMP aged 7 & to HugoMP aged 5
We all enjoyed this funny, pirate adventure with its 'race to the treasure' storyline.  The wisecracks had the children laughing out loud - as did the references to poo - and they both got caught up in the excitement of the race.  The crew intro at the beginning of the book was really helpful while we got our bearings with the characters, and the children enjoyed tracking the adventure on the map (who doesn't love a map?!) as the story unfolded.  We also liked Kate Pankhurst's illustrations which were a perfect match for the narrative.  While I read this as our bedtime story, my daughter is now looking forward to reading it by herself and has added it to her reading pile.

Wrote a Review 11th March '19

Book pages Scary Scott (Gold Early Reader)
Scary Scott (Gold Early Reader)
HugoMP read it aged 5
Scott is a lonely ghost who wants nothing more than to make some friends rather than scare people away.  He thus attends a Hallowe'en party where he has great fun, until he realises that there are children under all the costumes.  Will the children want to be his friend when they find out the truth?  Hugo's favourite time of year is Hallowe'en and so he was excited to read this before he even opened the cover.  He thought that Scott was brave both to go to the party when he didn't know anybody and also to face the bullies.  He cheered at the end when the children wanted to remain friends with Scott, even though they had found out he was a ghost; Hugo's parting shot was "It's nice to be kind and let everyone join in, Mummy".

Wrote a Review 11th March '19

Book pages The Underwear Wolf (Gold Early Reader)
The Underwear Wolf (Gold Early Reader)
HugoMP read it aged 5
We love the Maverick Early Readers scheme and have read a large number of them: not only do they help children to learn to read, they also encourage reading for pleasure.  

Stitch is different from other children.  Firstly, he loves to knit, and secondly, when the full moon appears, he turns into a werewolf!  His wolfy skills are not really up to scratch, though, and he’s also a bit lonely, so he seeks out a pack to join.  Hugo thought this story was hilarious!  He loved the fact that Stitch finally made friends with other werewolves and he thought that it was very kind of Stitch to knit them ‘super-stretchy pants’ to keep them warm.  The story gave us lots of opportunities to talk about difference, inclusion and empathy and Hugo loved the book so much that he dressed up as Stitch for World Book Day.