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Was read to me 3rd December '18

Star Wars Maker Lab: 20 Galactic Science Projects
Authors: Liz Lee Heinecke , Cole Horton
What a treat this book has been for both our boys. They love experiments and building things that ‘work’ mix that with Star Wars and we were on to a winner. 
The links between experiments and the stories were fun and led to a desire to watch the films. 
Thank you so very much. 

Was read to me 18th July '18

LEGO Women of NASA Space Heroes
Author: DK
This book as been a real eye opener for my 7 year old son. The hook for him was the Lego aspect but the facts, Drama and sheer excitement of space made this a real favourite of his. 
We also paralleled the book with our trip to the Kennedy space centre too which sparked so many questions. 
Plus his building of Lego spaceships has improved no end. 

I read this book 22nd May '18

LEGO Women of NASA Space Heroes
Author: DK
I really liked this book as it told me lots of cool facts about women heroes! I love lego figures so like they way the book looked. I learnt lots of new facts and my mum loved me reading it to her. 

Most NASA books are about men so it was cool to read about women who did amazing stuff. 
I loved the bright pictures in the book. 

Was read to me 4th March '18

The Stink Before Christmas
Authors: Sam Nixon , Mark Rhodes Illustrator: Tom Knight
My boys 7 and 3 loved this book. It was funny ( a bit gross which they loved!!) and was a favourite at bed time on the head up to Christmas. 

It had really lovely illustrations that were bright and engaging! 

A great buy! 

Was read to me 19th November '17

Paddington's Guide to London
Author: Michael Bond
My boys are getting ready to go to London at Christmas and we wanted a book for them that showed them where we would be going! We are a family who loves Paddington and this book is transformed by Paddington showing and telling you about the sites of London. The boys feel so grown up having a book that tells them about where they are going and nothing beats having the worlds favourite bear show you the sights. A must for any family going to London.