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Was read to me 16th January '19

The Princess and the Wizard
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Lydia Monks
We are huge Julia Donaldson fans in this house but this one just felt to miss the normal satisfaction mark. The children found the various days and escape attempts a little flat and repetitive, without the usual use of beautiful rhyme. There were elements of repetition to the story's format, but not with the usual flow. 

Was read to me 25th November '18

Night Windows
Author: Aart Jan Venema
The hardback edition of this book gave it a lovely feel for a book that would last for many years to come. I loved how the story worked on an emotional level of adjusting to a new life situation, and how taking action and creating change can bring about new opportunities. The children seemed to enjoy this book, but I wish I had not chosen it for a bedtime read as they wanted to try and find all of the people and items mentioned in the text, which took ages! The illustrations were refreshingly different. The text itself was a little hard to follow at times, not just for the dark colour and background, but because some parts rhymed, yet other sentences didn't. The book still holds absolute value though.

Was read to me 13th November '18

Three Little Monkeys
Author: Quentin Blake Illustrator: Emma Chichester Clark
My children appeared to enjoy the repetitive pattern of the story, and liked finding Lulu the monkey in the vast illustrations. The book touched a numerous emotions; anger, worry, joy, which is great to convey to children. We shared this book several times on the first night, and my son also read it himself at bedtime, so safe to say they loved it.

Was read to me 13th November '18

Mummy Time
Author: Judith Kerr
My husband read this story to our four year old and he came away looking mildly shocked. We had grown up with all the classic Judith Kerr books and sadly expected the same engaging story to await us. However, this story was really upsetting to my husband. We can understand that sadly the storyline can reflect some individuals in society who are constantly on their mobile and not making eye contact, safeguarding or actively interacting with their family. However, it just seemed to be a book written from a place of anger and quite disturbing about how many times the child had near misses with their life. It honestly does not feel like a nurturing and reliable Judith Kerr tale, beyond disappointing.

Was read to me 12th October '18

Owl Babies
Author: Martin Waddell Illustrator: Patrick Benson
A brilliant book for sharing with little ones that works on many levels including bonds, challenging times, expectations and more. With the dark background making this book stand out from the normal white background, it really drew my children's attention in. They really enjoy this story, day or night, but especially at night.