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Was read to me 17th March '19

The Sea Book
Author: Charlotte Milner Illustrator: Charlotte Milner
A beautifully illustrated book which was enjoyed by all the different aged children. The full page illustrations hold the attention of the younger children, whilst the older ones liked to read and share the facts. The hardback edition made for a high quality feel, a book that could be used and loved for many years ahead.

Was read to me 23rd February '19

Around The World in 80 Ways: The Fabulous Inventions that get us From Here to There
Author: DK Illustrator: Katy Halford
This book is fabulous in many ways; illustrations, history, exploring transport, sharing with children, or for children to browse through independently. The hardback format gives the book a great superior quality, a book that will last for many years to come. I love the square shape of the books, but children really drawn in by the full pages illustrations and some of the more unusual forms of transport. Fabulous.

I read this book 15th February '19

The Bump: A New Baby
Author: Mij Kelly Illustrator: Nicholas Allan
We read this book to our bump and she still loves hearing it now four years later. A really sweet tale which still makes me emotional now!

Was read to me 22nd January '19

Burglar Bill
Author: Allan Ahlberg
This was one of my most favourite books when I was growing up, and there is something both surreal and wonderful, when you are able to share it with your won children. I love how un-PC it seems in this current day and age, and I think my children can feel my love of this book so love it too.

Was read to me 19th January '19

See Inside Ancient Egypt
We absolutely love these interactive books by Usbourne. A good mixture of facts presented through double page spread of themes, and loved the binocular feature, where certain flaps were zoomed in to show greater detailing. I loved the details of how to mummify a dead body, the kids not so much!