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Was read to me 22nd June '18

Solomon Crocodile
Author: Catherine Rayner
I read this to a group of 4yr olds. It was their first time hearing the story. They were engaged in the story, and enjoyed listening to it. We felt a bit sad for Solomon. As even though he was a pest, everyone was telling him to go away. The children loved the ending when someone else turned up that was causing trouble, and Solomon wasn't on his own then. The children enjoyed looking at the illustrations and telling me what the other animals and insects on the pages were 

Was read to me 22nd June '18

I Went To The Zoopermarket
Author: Nick Sharratt Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
I read this to a group of 4yr olds. They loved it. They thought it was a funny book. Their favourite bit was the lift the flaps, as I would choose someone different to lift each flap. Before they lifter the flap, they would try and guess what was underneath from the clues given. They enjoyed the illustrations, and will be a book they want to listen to over again

Was read to me 22nd June '18

This Rabbit, That Rabbit
Author: Jane Porter
Read to a 2yr old at nursery. It is very simple, 2 words on each page so its a very short book. Liked the rhymes. Think its more suited to babies and 1yr olds. 

Was read to me 6th June '18

Ten Little Pirates
Author: Mike Brownlow Illustrator: Simon Rickerty
I read this to a group of children at nursery, aged 3to 4yrs. They chose it for me to read, as they liked the front cover, and that it was about pirates. It was easy to read, the words flowed due to the rhyming. Each sentence on each page wasn't very long. Something happens to a pirate on each page, so it counts backwards from ten pirates. So I get the children to work out what number is next, each time a pirate disappears, which they enjoy doing. So it is a fun book, which helps with their counting.

Was read to me 25th April '18

I Don't Want to Go to Bed!
Author: Tony Ross
I read this to a group of children at nursery, aged 3 to 4. They chose it for me to read. They really enjoyed the story, and listened to it well. They thought it was funny that little princess didn't want to go to bed, and kept making excuses as to why she couldn't sleep. At the end of the book, the children were discussing whether they liked going to bed or not.