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I read this book 19th August '18

Stargazing for Beginners
Author: Jenny McLachlan
This book is about a girl that has a dream about becoming an astronaut. She's well prepared has good grades but she needs something else... then a chance comes along, a chance for her to go to NASA. All her dreams could come true. But her mum leaves. and all hope is lost a new hurdle of challenges comes along, will she ever reach the stars? its amazing because she is so independent and has no friends. This book made me feel happy because however big of a dream you have you just need to work hard and you can achieve. I would describe this book as a drama, because it's full of it! 

I read this book 19th August '18

Author: Jo Cotterill
This book is absolutely amazing in every way. It's all about a girl that doesn't want to be judged by her size so she feels she has to be something that distracts people, she has to be funny. But she has a secret. A secret she's not willing to share, not even with her mum. Then mum's new boyfriend comes into her life and she changes but will she share her secret? I would describe this book as a reality because really everyone sometimes pretends to be someone they're not. They do it to fit in. There are no pictures in this book but I feel that this is a good thing because if it did then I feel it would be a bit much. This is my favourite book, it's the kind that when you start reading you just can't stop. This book is for anyone really it's so easy to understand.

I read this book 20th August '17

Poppy Pym and the Pharaoh's Curse
Author: Laura Wood
This book was very well written because it had lots of important details which made the story come to life.  This story really touched my heart because the little baby called Poppy went to the circus with her parents but they left her there on purpose!  The people in the circus adopted her and looked after her.  Poppy grows up and wants to stay in the circus but an important headmaster says she must go to school.  The story is about Poppy's time at boarding school and how she solves a mystery there.  I would love to read more books about Poppy Pym.  This book was really interesting and I felt close to the character of Poppy. 

I read this book 20th August '17

Crimson Poison
Author: Susan Moore
This book was the most boring book i'v ever read. I didn't even finish it! It was so boring because it wasn't varied enough (or didn't change subject enough).
It failed to keep my interest.  I think this is more a story for 7 to 8 year old kids because I'm 10 and it was just not a good story. 
I liked the whole idea, but it just was not for me.

I read this book 6th April '17

Lucy Locket: Online Disaster
Author: Emma Moss
the things i like about this book is that its by a persons point of view, and that there are some difficult situations . which actually made you a little tense. Something i didn't like about this book was that there were not any surprises and you could usually tell what was going to happen next. the characters had very different personalities. One was very sporty but one loved lipstick and shopping. one liked WAIT no LOVED Harry potter too.I did enjoy the story a lot. I think that the story is for girls. I think that its for 8 year old and up.