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I read this book 16th November '18

The Ghostkeeper's Journal and Field Guide
Author: Japhet Asher
Wow!i got the book , I got the app and I got on a train to London and I didn’t close the book until we got to Kings Cross!
This book is fabulous. It draws you in and you immediately feel like a paranormal investigator!
I agree that this book is not for younger readers or the faint hearted!

Was read to me 2nd October '18

The Night I Met Father Christmas
Author: Ben Miller Illustrator: Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini
We couldn’t wait until the festive season to read this little gem so we snuggled up one Sunday afternoon to start it and we didn’t stop until the end ! 
A truly magical Christmas read , ideal for children and adults alike to remind us about the magic of Christmas time ! 
What a delight ! 

I read this book 18th September '18

You're a Bad Man Mr Gum!
Author: Andy Stanton Illustrator: David Tazzyman
Absolutely disgusting, vile, and hilarious. What a great series! It’s so fun to read this book if you can stomach Mr Gum!

Was read to me 18th September '18

The Whitby Witches
Author: Robin Jarvis
Second read, now as an adult to my daughter and it certainly didn’t dissapoint. Coming from whitby it was east to picture the geography and the feel of the town in its most eerie setting, long after the tourists have gone home.
I loved the series as does my daughter.
Robin Jarvis is a legend.

I read this book 18th September '18

Who Let the Gods Out?
Author: Maz Evans
Absolutely brilliant! One of my favourite books in the whole wide world!
It’s so funny and quirky.
A truly magnificent read !