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Was read to me 20th November '18

Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
Author: Jeff Norton
This book was an unexpected delight! I'll definitely be recommending it to other children. I loved the tone, and the fun characters Sherman Capote befriends. Definitely worth a read! This book made me go back to my school years, remember the good, the bad and the ugly, but made me laugh out loud with that amazing and unique twist to the classic "feeling out of place (alien, even)" sentiment we've all experienced growing up.

I read this book 4th November '18

Rory Branagan (Detective)
Author: Andrew Clover Illustrator: Ralph Lazar
My son loved this book from page one. Rory Branagan is fun and fearless oh and is actually a detective! A great read my son is now hooked on the series. Brilliant illustrations of characters.

I read this book 18th July '18

Mariella, Queen of the Skies
Author: Eoin Colfer Illustrator: Katy Halford
Mariella is an inventor but she is very fed up of having to stop her inventing to go to bed so she invents a way that she doesn't have to sleep. This would seem to be the end of all of her problems but in fact our young protagonist realises that without any sleep her ideas drain away and she can invent no more. She decides that as sleep is so important she will go back to her bed at night, thus keeping her mind buzzing with ideas. There's a lot of humour in this great story that promotes STEM subjects for girls and the colourful illustrations from Katy Halford are engaging and fun. Loved the 'women with brilliant ideas' illustration inside the front cover and the spot the difference pictures on the inside back cover. Mariella's duvet cover with the periodic table on is fab and I liked the details of having a microscope next to her bed and having a star shaped bedside lamp. Another title from the Barrington Stoke Little Gems series, the smaller size makes the book comfortable to hold even for small fingers and the length makes it a great first chapter book.

Was read to me 30th June '18

Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief
Author: Nigel Auchterlounie
Brilliant book. Funny. Clever. Unrelentingly inventive. Reminds me a bit of Spike Milligan’s ‘Puckoon’, dusted off and given a sprightly, even more zany makeover. To transfer such well-loved comic strip characters to the pages of a prose novel can’t have been easy, but here somehow it all looks so effortless. With a few deft descriptive strokes here and there, Beanotown and its environs come across as a weirdly believable place, with a history and internal logic all of its own. And did I say funny? Definitely funny.

I read this book 22nd May '18

The Bacteria Book: Gross Germs, Vile Viruses, and Funky Fungi
Author: Steve Mould
My 10 year old Son was instantly absorbed in this book, which presents its subject matter with great variety of colour, styles, imagery and photography.

The appropriately named Steve Mould does a brilliant job of telling the stories of invisible and micro nasties, while fitting in plenty of good science. The information is presented in bite sized chunks, with plenty of microscopic photography as well as cartoon imagery and infographics.

The book nicely combines an international perspective, for example on oil spills, farming and ocean life, with detailed sections on the human body. The book takes a ‘Horrible Histories’ approach to making facts compelling, but doesn’t shy away from important explanations about catching a cold, harmful and helpful bacteria, and more.

The 70 pages are packed full of content and the kind of information children like to repeat to their parents and grandparents. In short, this book is a real hit for children old enough and curious enough to learn more about bacteria in a fun and accessible way.