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Was read to me 4th May '18

i-SPY Butterflies and Moths: What Can You Spot?
Author: i-SPY
This was a very interesting pocket sized book all the children enjoyed this it was a book we took with us when we were travelling and it was quick to read and very convenient. Fab book for fans of nature of butterfly's. Anaya is a big fan. 

I read this book 4th May '18

Outdoor Maker Lab
Author: Robert Winston
This was an amazing book to receive. I loved this book and since i have got it i have tried many different activities. It is a very simple book and has easy to follow instructions. The book even makes it simpler by giving the times at which an activity might take and everything that will be needed. This helps us decide using how much time we have an how difficult the task may be. A very highly recommended book.

Was read to me 4th May '18

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
Authors: Greg James , Chris Smith Illustrator: Erica Salcedo
This was a fab book to read with ayaan. After reading a previous kid normal book which he was a big fan of he was very excited to receive this one. Ayaan really loved the plot and the excitement of the books. I love the superheros and the fact that it involved just a normal boy. 

Was read to me 24th February '18

City Trails - Rome
Author: Lonely Planet Kids
We really enjoyed the book. As we are planning to go rome is was good to explore my little one also took this to his book club and all his friends love them. What really got him hooked i think were the differences and fud aspect through the images throughout the book they got him most interested 

I read this book 20th January '18

Ask Oscar
Author: Alan MacDonald Illustrator: Sarah Horne
I read this book all alone after i received it i had a full couple of days and what i liked is that i could understand it. I love oscars character. It reminds me of when i wanted a dog but my mum and dad did not agree until they surprised me with one and now i love it. 

The story was really fun and easy to read a long to it was very funny and yes it now is my fave book for 2018 :)