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1st May 2018


Each month we pick one reviewer who we think deserves to be recognised for their BRILLIANT reviews on Toppsta.com. We love reading your reviews and Toppsta wouldn't be the invaluable resource it is today without you! If you'd like to be featured here, keep reviewing! You can add reviews of all your favourite books (and not so favourite) here.

May 2018 - Samuel (Age 6)

Samuel is 6 years old and loves books that make him laugh. His favourite books are the Mr Gum Series, The Book with No Pictures and The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of his Business. When he is not listening to stories, Samuel likes to explore and go on adventures, make huge creative models and play with toy vehicles. You can read all of Samuel's reviews here.

April 2018 - Micah (age 8)

Micah is 8 years old and outside of school he does karate and swimming. He also has 2 Blue Peter badges (blue and silver) and he's just sent off for his 3rd one (green)! His 3 favourite books are Lonely Planet Kids: How to be a Space ExplorerFlat Stanley and DK Star Wars character encyclopedia.  You can read all of Micah's reviews here.

March 2018 - Abi (age 10)

Abi is 10 years old and loves reading, singing and playing the flute. She attends a local orchestra, choir and Stagecoach, and was in the National Children's Orchestra in 2017. Her 3 favourite books are Clover Moon by Jacqueline Wilson, How to Bewitch a Wolf by Abie Longstaff, and The 52 Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffith & Terry Denton. You can read all of Abi's reviews here

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