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Paddington Book Day Party Pics

5th November 2018


Saturday 13th October marked the 60th anniversary of the publication of the first ever Paddington book. To celebrate, schools, bookshops and families everywhere hosted #PaddingtonBookDay parties. 

Lysa Upham, headteacher at East Bierley CE(VC) Primary School shares how her Year 2 class celebrated Paddington Book Day.


Having a day to celebrate Paddington was really lovely – I have always been a fan and took in my Paddington Bear to share the day in class with Year 2. I have had him since I was in year 2!

Paddington Teddy

Rather than just have a party, Year 2 decided to make a whole day of it (they may even return to the books for additional work now too). Invitations were sent out and teddies and wellies were encouraged as part of their day.

Their day started with a reading session and discussion about the book – many children showed good knowledge as their introduction to Paddington has happened via the Big Screen. 

The children made paper hats, Paddington-style, for themselves in the morning to follow key instructions and to be ready for creating their own Paddington in the afternoon. Some were worn Paddington style, some more jauntily looked like pirate hats.

Children wearing the paper paddington hats they made
Despite all the children not liking Marmalade, they wrote instructions for how to make the perfect marmalade sandwich.
Children making marmalade sandwiches
Later in the day they all made sandwiches (marmalade ones) ready for the party.

Everyone made a Paddington Bear statue using cardboard, felt and paper. The hats were tricky due to their size but the creations were really effective. Colouring and dot-to-dot activities from the Harper Collins website were used. 

Paddington Bear statue using cardboard, felt and paper

Paddington paper plates were made using plastic forks to drag the paint creating a fur-like effect. There was a lovely buzz in class all day.

Children read other Paddington books and watched part of the Paddington film. Their party was a proper party with plenty of marmalade sandwiches – all of which were eaten - buns and juice.

Some pictures of Paddington had been created at home – not just by the children – and these were shared in class too. The idea of Paddington’s age was quite important so they really wanted to know how old my Paddington was! I had scarcely made it into the classroom when a child informed me they need to know how old I am so they can work out how old my Paddington is. Year 2 were very excited about our Paddington Day and the staff really enjoyed it too as his appeal really does span across the years.


A huge thank you to Lysa and all of Year 2 at East Bierley CE(VC) Primary School, what a fun day!

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