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Millie's Missing Yawn


Millie's Missing Yawn Reviews | Toppsta

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This book is 100% guaranteed to make your child yawn and get them feeling sleepy. Sleep experts recommend it.

Millie has lost her yawn, and she can't get to sleep without it. First of all she looks close to home - but her pet dog and cat can't help - then she goes a little further afield. The Statue of Liberty hasn't seen her yawn, neither has the Mona Lisa, nor the penguins at the south pole, and the rabbits on the moon certainly haven't... Eventually Millie has to head back home, but as she lies back in bed and remembers all the wonderful friends she has made, her yawn reappears and she can finally fall asleep.

Millie's Missing Yawn Reviews | Toppsta


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About You Jung Byun

Award-winning illustrator and author You Jung Byun received her Master's degree of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She draws her influences from the various cultures she has lived amongst. Her illustrative storytelling is achieved through delicate details woven with rich colours, patterns and decorative ornaments. Her work has been reco

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