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Katie Daynes

  • 5 stars across 117 books
    Katie Daynes Biography
    Katie has been writing children's books for almost half her life. She specialises in non-fiction books and loves questioning the world from a child's point of view. Over the years she's developed some of Usborne bestselling series, including the See Inside books and Lift-the-flap Questions & Answers.

    Katie Daynes Facts
    When she's not writing, she likes drinking coffee, walking on the moors and playing competitive board games with her children.
    24th October 2016

    Lift-The-Flap Very First Questions & Answers: What is Poo?

    What is poo? Does everyone do it? And where does it all go? Children can lift the flaps to find the answers in this surp... More

    (24 reviews)
    21st August 2017

    What are Germs?

    What are germs? How do they spread? And how do medicines help? Curious young children can take a closer look at those mi... More

    (19 reviews)
    28th December 2017

    What are Stars?

    They twinkle in the night sky, but what exactly are stars? Which one's the nearest? Can humans visit a star? Curious lit... More

    (17 reviews)
    10th January 2019

    Look Inside a Hospital

    Lift the flaps to find out what happens inside a hospital - and meet some of the amazing people who work there. Young ch... More

    (10 reviews)
    9th January 2020

    Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Plastic

    Why is there so much plastic in the world? How does it help us? What's the problem and how can we solve it? These are ju... More

    (10 reviews)
    24th October 2016

    Lift-The-Flap Questions and Answers about Food

    This mouth-watering book answers all kinds of questions about food. With over 60 flaps to lift children can discover whi... More

    (9 reviews)
    1st June 2016

    Where Do Babies Come From?

    A simple but effective lift-the-flap book that explains the facts of the life to young children with easy, comprehensibl... More

    (8 reviews)
    19th May 2014

    Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers About Animals

    Many children are fascinated by animals and this engaging flap book will answer lots of their questions. It features ent... More

    (6 reviews)
    14th December 2014

    Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Dinosaurs

    If you know a child who is obsessed with dinosaurs and constantly asking about these amazing prehistoric creatures, this... More

    (6 reviews)
    25th January 2016

    Lift-The-Flap Questions and Answers About Space

    With over 60 flaps to lift, this delightful book answers questions such as "Where have people visited in space?", "What'... More

    (6 reviews)
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