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I read this book 5th February '19

Chester Parsons is Not a Gorilla
Author: Martyn Ford
I really liked the character of Chester and only wish I too had his ability to mind jump! The book started a bit slowly but it warmed up quickly and I loved it when he lost his body, it really made me laugh!

I read this book 6th January '19

Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
Author: Jeff Norton
I thought the cover was bit dull and I didn't really want to start reading. Once I did a started to really like the story, and I especially liked the character of Sherman. As the story progressed it got better and better. I would definitely recommend it! 

I read this book 11th December '18

The Ghostkeeper's Journal and Field Guide
Author: Japhet Asher
I was fascinated and a bit sceptical to read a book that claimed to have an interactive app. I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick. I was wrong! It was a really great book and the app just made it even better. I can see why other reviewers thought the app content made it a bit scary in places but I just thought it was great.

I read this book 16th October '18

The City of Guardian Stones
Author: Jacob Sager Weinstein
I thought this was an interesting book with a host of oddball characters. I hadn't read book one of the trilogy but still found myself hooked and intrigued from the very beginning. 
I really like the setting of the book and the journey it took me on around the mystical streets of London. I did however really struggle with some of the characters. I found them to be quite far-fetched and a bit silly. This might appeal to younger readers but I found it a bit off putting and it meant the story didn't grab me as much as it might have done.
Whilst I quite enjoyed reading The City of Guardian Stones, I probably won't read the other books in the series.

I read this book 2nd October '18

Gregor the Overlander
Author: Suzanne Collins
The Underland Chronicles are a great series of books. They predate The Hunger Games, are less scary and are definitely aimed at a slightly younger audience. Gregor is a great character and the books tell you about his adventures in the "Underland", a world located under New York City, and he people and creatures that live there. Like the evil giant rats!