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I read this book 6th January '19

Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
Author: Jeff Norton
I thought the cover was bit dull and I didn't really want to start reading. Once I did a started to really like the story, and I especially liked the character of Sherman. As the story progressed it got better and better. I would definitely recommend it! 

I read this book 11th December '18

The Ghostkeeper's Journal and Field Guide
Author: Japhet Asher
I was fascinated and a bit sceptical to read a book that claimed to have an interactive app. I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick. I was wrong! It was a really great book and the app just made it even better. I can see why other reviewers thought the app content made it a bit scary in places but I just thought it was great.

I read this book 16th October '18

The City of Guardian Stones
Author: Jacob Sager Weinstein
I thought this was an interesting book with a host of oddball characters. I hadn't read book one of the trilogy but still found myself hooked and intrigued from the very beginning. 
I really like the setting of the book and the journey it took me on around the mystical streets of London. I did however really struggle with some of the characters. I found them to be quite far-fetched and a bit silly. This might appeal to younger readers but I found it a bit off putting and it meant the story didn't grab me as much as it might have done.
Whilst I quite enjoyed reading The City of Guardian Stones, I probably won't read the other books in the series.

I read this book 2nd October '18

Gregor the Overlander
Author: Suzanne Collins
The Underland Chronicles are a great series of books. They predate The Hunger Games, are less scary and are definitely aimed at a slightly younger audience. Gregor is a great character and the books tell you about his adventures in the "Underland", a world located under New York City, and he people and creatures that live there. Like the evil giant rats!

I read this book 8th August '18

The Official History of the FIFA World Cup
This book is full of facts and figures, everything you've ever wanted to know about the World Cup from 1930 to 2014. I particularly enjoyed receiving it just as the World Cup started so I could look up who had won in previous years and compare it with how well they played this year.