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Book pages Cake
I read it to decemberbaby aged 1
This is the story of a cake who gets invited to a party, but has no idea what is in store for him there. Cake goes to all the trouble of finding a new (candle) hat to wear to the party, is excited to turn up, but then the singing starts and he gets very scared. Thankfully he is rescued in the nick of time, and gets safely back home to his pet fish.  

We enjoyed this story, but I'm not sure the addition of the poor pinata turning up for the party on the last page was really necessary, or that younger children would really 'get' this joke. 

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Book pages Monkey Puzzle
Monkey Puzzle
I read it to decemberbaby aged 1
My little girl loves to read this book at the moment.  It's not my favourite Julia Donaldson book, but the illustrations are fantastic (there is lots of jungle creatures for my daughter to point at and practice her animal noises with) and I do enjoy the logic of the butterfly not realising that she should have been looking for another monkey because none of her babies look like her. 

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Book pages The Dark
The Dark
I read it to decemberbaby aged 1
I bought this book because I am a massive fan of Jon Klassen's illustrations and because I grew up reading Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I found their collaboration on this picture book to be absolutely lovely. 

The book is written eloquently and is a joy to move around. The illustrations, especially the ones of Laszlo's house lit only by the light from his torch, are beautiful to look at. I also found the book to be a beautifully original approach to the common childhood fear of the dark. My daughter enjoys listening to this book, but isn't really old enough for us to have to discuss things like this, but I think that it would be a useful tool for a child who did have this fear. The story makes the dark into a living entity, which eventually comforts Laszlo and shows him the way to the lightbulb he needs to replace in his room.