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I read this book 3rd February '19

Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman: Book 16
Author: Francesca Simon Illustrator: Tony Ross
I have read lots of Horrid Henry books.  This book is really funny because Horrid Henry is very cheeky in it.  I chose to read this again today because it has snowed this week.

Was read to me 3rd February '19

The Star-spun Web
Author: Sinead O'Hart
We started this book, but haven't finished it.  My son lost interest and kept choosing a different book instead.  We haven't read any fantasy books before and maybe this is not his genre.  I think we will try this book again in 6 months or so.

I read this book 30th September '18

The Land of Silly School: A Faraway Tree Adventure
Author: Enid Blyton Illustrator: Alex Paterson
I have read Faraway Tree the Land of enchantments before so I really wanted to read this book when we saw it in the library. This book was exciting when Joe, Beth, Frannie and Connie went to the land of silly school and met Dame Snap. Dame Snap is not very nice at all. There were lots of naughty elves, fairies and pixies in her class. 

Was read to me 22nd September '18

Secret Seven: The Secret Seven: Book 1
Author: Enid Blyton
We loved this book! I didn't read famous 5 and secret 7 as a child thinking they were a bit old fashioned so neither of us knew what was going to happen next. My son did get a bit scared at one point, so I had to look ahead and promise him that all would be OK. This book is utterly charming. We have book two out of the library and book 3 on order. Loved it, and I was wrong. Its not old fashioned, just a jolly good read. 

I read this book 3rd August '18

Kane (Ultimate Football Heroes - Limited International Edition)
Authors: Matt Oldfield , Tom Oldfield
I loved this book and read it in one day. I loved the world Cup and Harry Kane is amazing. It was cool to read about what he has done before the world Cup and in his career.