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I read this book 22nd October '17

Tidy Space Pirates
Illustrator: Samuel James
This book is fun. Elliot and his Gran are good characters. The book is about turning tidying up into a fun game which is a great idea and makes things more interesting. 

I read this book 19th June '17

iExplore - Bugs
Author: Hannah Wilson
I loved this book. There are lots and great pictures and information about the insects. My favourite bit was the app, you can make the bugs appear in you house, my sister thought it was scary. It was really fun and I learnt lots. I really want to get the dinosaur one now.

Was read to me 7th May '17

Author: David McKee
This is a lovely book and has a really nice message. It's about an elephant who is multi coloured and wonders why he is not the same as the other elephants. In the end he realises it's ok to be different. A lovely feel good story and one we would recommend.

I read this book 2nd April '17

My Very Own Space
Author: Pippa Goodhart Illustrator: Rebecca Crane
The pictures in this book are very sweet, the bunny came across as been very angry and you had to use the pictures quite a bit to follow what was happening, i dont like the story that much but i like the pictures.

I read this book 10th February '17

Kitchen Disco
Author: Clare Foges Illustrator: Al Murphy
This is my favourite book. It tells the story of all the fruit having a party at night time. Part of the story repeats throughout (like a chorus) and I like to join in and do some dance moves of my own. A really fun book. Everyone should read it.