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  • Fing Fing


    I like Fing because Myrtle is saying fing but she means thing and her parents th...More

    11th May 2020
  • Fing Fing


    Fing was the first David Walliams story I ever read , it is a good story but def...More

    10th May 2020
  • Fing Fing


    We loved the main characters and the things Myrtle said and the way she said the...More

    7th May 2020
  • The Ice Monster The Ice Monster

    The Ice Monster

    In my honest opinion, this book can be filled with a mixture of emotions. When E...More

    6th May 2020
  • Gangsta Granny Gangsta Granny

    Gangsta Granny

    I like this book as it shows anything is possible! A boy who wants to be a plumb...More

    5th May 2020