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Michelle Robinson

  • 5 stars across 54 books
    Michelle Robinson Biography
    Michelle Robinson grew up in Gloucester and loved making up stories and being silly. After leaving university, she worked as a copywriter for radio and TV adverts where she started writing stories in her spare time. Her picture book There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes won the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award. She lives in Frome with her husband, son and daughter.

    Our favourite Michelle Robinson Book Characters
    Dan - from There's A Lion in my Cornflakes
    Nugget - from Chicken Nugget
    Elephant - from Elephant's Pyjamas
    17th September 2020

    The World Made a Rainbow

    Let's paint a big rainbow to put on display. When people pass by it and see it, they'll say ... 'All rainstorms must end... More

    (30 reviews)
    9th July 2020

    Do Not Disturb the Dragons

    Two intrepid girls go from ladies-in-waiting to knights-in-action when they rip up the rule book and go searching for ad... More

    (18 reviews)
    1st February 2018

    Ten Fat Sausages

    Come on a great escape through the kitchen as we follow each sausage that decides to make a run for it. Will they succee... More

    (17 reviews)
    6th August 2020

    She Rex

    Maisy's brother's Ed won't let her play with his toys. He says, 'Dinos are for boys!' But Ed hasn't met T. Rex's BIGGER ... More

    (15 reviews)
    13th July 2017

    Have You Seen My Giraffe?

    Did you know that they don't give away goldfish at the fairground anymore? You can win a giraffe instead. So much better... More

    (11 reviews)
    7th April 2016

    Goodnight Spaceman

    Inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake and his sons, and featuring an introduction from Tim, this is the perfect bedtime ... More

    (10 reviews)
    11th February 2016

    A Beginner's Guide to Bearspotting

    Bearspotting is a dangerous business - you ought to take it seriously, you know. So here's what you need to know for sta... More

    (6 reviews)
    1st August 2013

    How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

    Does your woolly mammoth need a wash? It's not a very easy thing to do... Find out exactly how to wash your mammoth in t... More

    (5 reviews)
    2nd July 2015

    Goodnight Tractor

    A little boy says goodnight to all his toys, but who is the favourite? Why, it's Tractor of course! With a rhyming text,... More

    (5 reviews)
    3rd July 2014

    There's a Lion in My Cornflakes

    Have you ever collected coupons from a cereal box? Maybe you were saving them up for a book or a toy. Well, when Dan an... More

    (5 reviews)
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